TRIUMPH: The Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church by H.W. Crocker III

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This is a book that you cannot read in one sitting, but I must say, that it is not a waste of time reading this.  I have read this book by sections.  Sad to say, I have read and watched a lot of trashy material recently making my brain a bit corrupted, and this book reminds me that the people involved in our Catholic History underwent some things even worse than my experiences, in real life and in the literature I read(and movies that I watched).

Harry W. Crocker III is a bestselling author. 

His most recent book is:

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the British Empire.  

The principles are settled.  Life is the pageant of men and women living up to them or failing to live up to them--and I think that to-day, if we are to save ourselves, we need to close our minds, to take honour's worth for granted and to escape back into certainty from the atmosphere of eternal questioning.-CHRISTOPHER HOLLIS, Death of a Gentleman 

I highly recommend this book. Our Catholic history is very rich.  True, there were people, popes included, that probably were treated like monsters who lost their anointing, like how King Saul forfeited his being the "chosen one" because of things he did to displease the Lord God Almighty.  King David took over.

On or about the twelfth century, Pope Innocent II had to make a big decision for the sake of order.  Yes, our first Pope, St. Peter, was married, but things had to change because...  Read the book.

Before you judge the Catholic Church with her flaws and all, give this book a chance to open your eyes.  Yes, she is NOT perfect.  Until now, she's scarred, struggling and all, but she is a church that has stood the test of time.  

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