EX with BENEFITS (2015) R-13

How do I describe this movie without giving spoilers?  Hmm.  Let me think.  Ah, I think I know how. 

Directed by Gino M. Santos
Written by Jeff Stelton and Keiko Aquino

Loosely based on or inspired by the Wattpad sensation by youramnesiagirl of the same title, is a story of finding your self worth and about living.  It's also about relationships not of the romantic kind and about responsibility. 

This movie is NOT all about sex.  There's more to it than that.  It also doesn't stereotype med reps and doctors. Things like these happen whatever profession or non-profession you are in, and even if there are people like that in real life, we must believe that there are more people who live life with integrity(listen to Carmi Martin's lines somewhere in the movie), so please don't be scared to watch this. This movie is about loving, losing, sacrificing, being selfless et cetera, et cetera.  It's about many things and sex is just a part of it.

OK, there are steamy scenes, but they are done in good taste.  It's true, there any many things that are not laudable, most especially with Arki's characteristics, but it doesn't mean that she never learned from her mistakes.

The movie's narrator is Adam, a popular Sports Doctor played by Derek and Arki's ex.  Arki is his T. O. T. G. A.(The one that got away) and she's back in his life after ten(10) long years.  Their relationship, in Adam's eyes(and thoughts), had a lot of loose ends.  There was no formal breakup.  Arki just DISAPPEARED.

Scarlet, the "sort of" other woman in Adam's life, has her own battles too, and it was not hard to understand what she was going through.  Meg Imperial did justice to it, but I couldn't help ask,"What's with her makeup artist? Hmm.  Maybe it's because Coleen had to shine here? I don't know."  Peace to the makeup artist.  In all fairness, Meg looks good in this film, but she looks great in Deal or No Deal.

Coleen Garcia has honed her craft.  She definitely IS Arki here,  a very promising med school student who was even more intelligent than her boyfriend, but because of several incidents, had to quit med school and eventually became a med rep.  You will find it quite shallow and you would probably be quick to judge her, but don't.  

Before I end this blog entry I want to congratulate Gino M. Santos, Jeff Stelton and Keiko Aquino for making a beautiful movie out of this.  Kudos too, to the cast and crew!

Oh, and to those who keep comparing this to the Wattpad version: The movie is just inspired by it and it has the blessings of the writer.   ;-)

CAST (the ones I remember/made a mark)
Derek Ramsay: Dr. Adam C
Coleen Garcia:  Arki the med rep who was supposed to be a doctor, but something "happened"
Meg Imperial: Scarlet, the med rep from a family of doctors
Tirso Cruz III: Arki's dad who loves her very, very much
Rayver Cruz: Basketball Star Player, friend and patient of Dr. Adam C.
Kitkat: Arki's best friend, colleague and comic relief
Carmi Martin:  Arki's mentor and boss
Menggie Cobarrubias:  Dean in Arki and Adam's university where they met and studied medicine (FYI, he's one of my favourite character actors)
Juan Rodrigo: Scarlet's dad (Doctor)---never fails to deliver...no role is big or small for this actor
Jobelle Salvador: Scarlet's mom( Doctor)
Nina Ricci Alagao: Scarlet's sister (Doctor)

Congratulations to ALL of you!  You all are very, very effective and believable. 
A "popcorn" movie ;-)

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