Center Stage (2000)

I love watching movies with complicated dance steps.  I've even collected almost all of the great dance hits from Charlie Chaplin to modern times. Yes, I've donated most of them already, but the classics would forever be embedded in my heart.

Of the modern ones CENTER STAGE is one of my favorites.  From the story, to the dance steps, to the choice of actors, treatment and all that, Center Stage is like embodiment of my dreams as a young girl.

At the age of fifteen, I knew I was never going to be a prima ballerina, so I focused on jazz.   I started boating on two streams at eleven, so I had to make a choice.  I stopped dancing jazz at 21.

Earlier in my teens I was also boating on two streams.  I was even ballroom dancing with my parents' friends at JUSMAG, Quezon City. Now, I don't think I would even qualify with basic dance sports.

I've seen this film several times already.  When I watch this film, I forget that Jody Sawyer is Amanda Schull, Cooper Nielsen is Ethan Stiefel, Charlie Sims is Sascha Radetsky, Maureen Cummings is Susan May Pratt and Eva Rodriguez is Zoë  Saldaňa(my favorite female dancer in this film).  

Eva Rodriguez is Zoe Saldana. Zoe Saldaňa as Eva Rodriguez.  She's so beautiful and graceful here.
Jonathan Reeves is Peter Gallagher, Peter Gallagher is Jonathan Reeves

There are times that I want to kick Jonathan Reeves'(Gallagher) butt or pull Eva Rodriguez's hair, but when she's dancing, I'm speechless.

My mouth is agape while Jody Sawyer is dancing while men are trying to get her attention.

Thank you, Carol Heikkinen, for such a beautiful story.  Thank you, George Fenton, for the wonderful compositions and choices of songs.  Congratulations, Nicholas Hytner, for directing a wonderful dance drama.  Kudos to the cast and crew for a job well done!
Directed byNicholas Hytner
Produced byLaurence Mark
Written byCarol Heikkinen
StarringAmanda Schull
Zoë Saldaňa
Susan May Pratt
Peter Gallagher
Debra Monk
Ethan Stiefel
Sascha Radetsky
Music byGeorge Fenton
CinematographyGeoffrey Simpson
Editing byTariq Anwar
Distributed byColumbia Pictures


Cast (2000)

From imdb:
The education of three young students, Jodie, Eva and Maureen, as they study at the American Ballet Academy. Life isn't what they expected at the esteemed ABA, and all three face problems along the road. Jodie doesn't have the "ideal" body for dancing, Eva doesn't have the right attitude, and Maureen doesn't have the heart. Along the way, they learn that love can be found in unlikely places, and dancing should be a passion, not a duty.Written by the lexster

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