Broadcast News (1987)

James L. Brooks is really one of the best storytellers and directors there is.  He did have some flops, but more often than not, he delivers.  BROADCAST NEWS is very memorable to me.  I loved the way the story was weaved, the characters and the actors who portrayed the role and how I, as a member of the audience, was able to relate to each and everyone of them.  

I could see myself in Tom Grunick, Jane Craig and Aaron Altman.    Sometimes I was even Rorish and maybe even Jennifer Mack.  A part of me was Blair Litton.  I could go on and on and on. Sigh.

I was into every tear, laughter, anger...every other emotion I could think of.  It is really a great story.

Like most women, I love Holly Hunter's polka-dotted black dress.  It was simple and yet it was very alluring.

This movie also reminds me why I never became a professional newscaster.  The vain person that I am, I couldn't take seeing an uglier version of myself in the monitor.  My goodness.  (Just trying to make myself laugh...I know that this is not even funny, but I'm smiling right now.)


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