Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What did I feel about the ending of MEANT TO BE? (GMA 7)---plus some thoughts about Encatadia and DTBY

Barbie and Her "Kens" (A Dollywood Title)


My bubble was burst when the last scene after the credits was shown.  JEYA (Jai, Ethan, Yuan and Andoy) just woke up from a heavy night and they were wondering what happened then in big bold letters this was shown on the TV screen:  Ano nga ba? SOON!


I was already very happy that BARBIE (Forteza as Billie Bendiola) and KEN (Chan as Yuan Lee or Lee Yuan) ended up together.  I even shouted it out via FB(viewed by Friends of Friends) then as I was enjoying the after credits scenes, the very last one was that messy pool scene.

Everything was just a dream!

Come on!

I know it's fiction, but to play with our emotions like that?  That is such BS. If I only knew that they'd do that, I would've finished Father Rio's send off party.  :-p  It's different when people wake up from a nightmare, but my goolai.  Why did they have to make it a dream?  If they want Barbie(at least her character) to end up with all four of them, they should just plan totally different stories and not a spin off.  If they want a sequel, then it could be that Billie just made the wrong choice or something, but my goodness, it was really Ken Chan from the start.

Thankfully, Encantadia and Destined to Be Yours had better endings.  Encantadia's last episode was pretty exciting(there's a sequel in the offing).  In the case of Destined To Be Yours, it's a good thing they shortened it and had all those beautiful scenes during the last episode.  Why?  The story, besides being old(there's really nothing new in this world anymore, but it's how you execute it...just don't copy stuff scene by scene because that's plagiarism...even remakes change some parts or a lot of parts, but the core is there...unless you claim it's from another dimension, like what DC and Marvel do)was already veering away from AlDub.  They made the very sensible Teddy full of angst.  Did they have to do that?????  

I like Thea, but it's Maine's teleserye, and according to my friend, Bing, they were focusing on her character just because Maine is not a GMA 7 artist.  

Now back to MEANT to BE... If everything was just a dream, then what about Mariko and Avi? It's just so unfair.

Now, if this is what they are going to do(or something to this effect):  It's still Billie and Yuan, but after all the festivities something happened...would Billie get mad at Yuan?  Or would she tell Yuan to stay away from JEA's bad influence? 

Anything...Come on Renei Dimla.  Please think of something connecting it with the story without it being just a dream.  Please, please, please.  Your concept and story are already great(except for the no hairnet thing inside the kitchen), so please don't ruin it. Come on, girl.  You're a Carlos Palanca Memorial Awardee, I'm sure you can manage to think of something better.  Even if I was disappointed about that last pool scene, I still believe in you. You are awesome!

Thank you in advance.


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