Monday, May 19, 2014

Never Talk To Strangers (1995)

"Trust me..."

If you would judge the poster alone you would never guess the ending.  Antonio Banderas' eyes were so tantalizing that somehow his role did not scare me at all.  Sigh. No wonder there are lots of crimes of passion all over the world.  You do not know who to trust. 

I first watched this movie in 1995 and I must say that I like the way Lewis Green and Jordan Rush wrote the screenplay.  I did not see it coming.  I thought the story was predictable.

I like the fact that this movie made me think.

I don't like open-ended movies or stories.  I don't like stories that don't make sense.

Did I like the ending?

All I can say is that I was "relieved".

Soundtrack links:

Her Body Makes Vows
Performed by Exchange featuring Marc Jordan
Written by Gerald O'BrienSteve Sexton and Marc Jordan
By Arrangement with Warner Special Products
A Girl Like You
Written and Performed by Edwyn Collins
Courtesy of Bar/None Records (U.S.) and Setanta Records (U.K.)
Performed by Barstool Prophets
Written by Graham Greer, Al Morier, Glenn Forrester, Bobby Tamas
Courtesy of Mercury/Polydor Canada
A Mover La Colita
Performed by Artie the 1 Man Party
Written by Juan Lopez
Courtesy of Scotti Bros. Records/Rodven Records, Inc.

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