Friday, September 20, 2013

OTJ (On the Job)---just some random thoughts (2013)

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Erik Matti is a very versatile director and one of the best writers this country has produced. ON THE JOB(OTJ), for me anyway, is his best so far, as a writer and director.

If you're looking for a film review, go ahead and click the links above.  I think everything has been said already.  After all, this film has received a lot of accolades already.  Some say that except for that "extra" love scene(I don't know which one), the one shown in the Philippines is a tamer version. Until I watch the one viewed in the Cannes Festival, I really wouldn't know.

All I know is that when I watched the film, I was very, very impressed with everyone.

There's one thing, among others, my parents and I noticed.  For a PMA graduate with a law degree who is an NBI agent, Piolo Pascual as Francis Coronel Jr., did not run that fast.

I vaguely recall Piolo running in other movies and TV shows.  I think he was much faster in other flicks.  Our excuse for him is that his character was inspired by a certain person, so maybe that person was just as fast as he was.

Over cups of coffee, we talked about the big fuss people had over the phrase "Gates of Hell" describing Manila and about the trauma experienced by Claire Danes when she did that movie with Bill Pullman(Brokedown Palace).  We overreact about those things said, while our very own writers depict Manila as worse than how "they" described her.

OTJ does not show the beautiful beaches and other famous tourist spots.  It does not candy-coat anything.  It shows the horrifying reality that even if there are still lots of things to be proud of, graft and corruption is very, very rampant.

 Some people accused were just red herrings for the bigger fish.  The bigger fish are made to swim free in the vast ocean.


Anyways, I'll just end this piece by saying that EVERYONE did his/her job well. 

Kudos to the cast and crew!

I can hardly wait for the sequel(heard from the grapevine).

From Wikipedia:
Directed byErik Matti
Produced by
  • Leonardo T. Po
  • Dondon Monteverde
  • Malou Santos
  • Charo Santos-Concio
Written by
Music byErwin Romulo
CinematographyFrancis Ricardo Buhay III
Editing byJay Halili
Distributed by
Release date(s)
  • May 14, 2013 (Cannes)
  • August 28, 2013 (Philippines)
Running time121 minutes
  • Tagalog
  • English

Box Office
  •  47 million
  • (US$ 1.08 million)
  • PHP13,459,037 (Philippines)
    $164,620 (US)

Cannes Film Festival Trailer
Official Website
OTJ @imdb
@Rotten Tomatoes
@Well Go USA Entertainment

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