Monday, May 19, 2014

Bullet to the Head (2012)

This screen adaptation of Alexis Nolent's Du Plomb Dans La Tete did not earn much at the box office, but, again, in my opinion, is worth your time.

The start of my 2012 was not so pleasant so I missed a lot of good films.  I watched this with my parents via Star Movies.

Christian Slater, one of my crushes during my younger years, appears as Marcus Baptiste and Sung Kang, one of South Korea's hunks and martial artist, appears as Taylor Kwon.

Sylvester Stallone proves that he is no has been as he plays Jimmy Bobo, the hit man and the main character of this film.

The music by Steve Mazzaro is haunting.

From imdb:
In New Orleans, the hit men James Bonomo, a.k.a. Jimmy Bobo, and Louis Blanchard execute the dirty cop Hank Greely in a hotel room. But they are betrayed and Louis is stabbed in a bar by the mercenary Keegan while waiting for the payment of the contract. Meanwhile the Washington D.C. police detective Taylor Kwon comes to New Orleans to investigate the murder of Greely, who had stolen evidences from the Police Department. Soon he is shot by two dirty detectives but Jimmy saves his life. Jimmy brings Taylor to the shop of his daughter Lisa and she removes the bullet from his shoulder and nurses him. Taylor and Jimmy form the most unlikely partnership to investigate the crimes and after contacting the intermediate Ronnie Earl that had hired Jimmy and Louis, they discover a network of corruption formed by the lawyer Marcus Baptiste and the entrepreneur Robert Nkomo Morel.Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Directed byWalter Hill
Produced byAlexandra Milchan
Alfred Gough
Miles Millar
Kevin King-Templeton
Screenplay byAlessandro Camon
Based onDu Plomb Dans La Tete
by Alexis Nolent
StarringSylvester Stallone


Music bySteve Mazzaro
CinematographyLloyd Ahern II
Editing byTimothy Alverson

Information from Wikipedia

Marcus Baptiste(Slater) and Jimmy Bobo(Stallone)

Estranged daughter, Lisa(Shahi) and father, Jimmy Bonomo(Stallone)

Taylor Kwon(Sung Kang) and Lisa Bonomo (Sarah Shahi)

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