The Lonely Lady (1983)

The Movie 
Watching this movie in my early teens sort of gave me a nightmare.  I liked Pia Zadora as a singer, but physically, I did not really find her that beautiful, so I was not really interested in any movie that she was in.  Men seemed to think otherwise, so I guess I got curious.  I guess you can say that this genre was introduced to me earlier than it was supposed to. I've seen worse films(things kids weren't supposed to see), but somehow, since this had a story and subplots, this affected my young mind more.  Thank goodness the ending was a bit victorious. 

I don't remember which came first.  My addiction for Harold Robbins novels or this one.  Probably this one.  I think I watched this first then got interested if it was better as a book or a movie.  If it was better as a movie, "Houston, we've got a problem!"
Yes, even if I still had cheap thrills reading Sweet Valley High, Sweet Dreams and Scholastic Novels for Young Adults, I was hooked on Sidney Sheldon and Harold Robbins in my early teens.
Anyways, when I was able to read the original story by Harold Robbins, I think I was so angry that the screenwriter, Ellen Shepard, did not do it justice.  But hey, you cannot really blame her.  It's hard to put everything in.  She even tamed some scenes's just hard to bring them to life...the scenes, I mean.  If they were brought to life, who knows?  It could have been worse.

Well, I don't know.

Anyways, this flopped on the big screen and I'm not wondering why.

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