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When The Love Is Gone (Graded A by the Film Ratings Board) R-13 Romance/Drama- 2013

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When I heard Alice Dixson utter the classic infamous line, "Nandiyan ba ang asawa ko, na asawa mo, na asawa ng buong bayan?" in the trailer of WHEN THE LOVE HAS GONE,  I said to myself, "Wait, I've heard that line before!" Or something to that effect. 

I was not wrong.  Something similar to those lines were uttered by Laurice Guillen as Delza in NAGALIT ANG BUWAN SA HABA NG GABI(click to read the story written and directed by Danny L. Zialcita...Since the blogger doesn't know the name of the actor who played Antonio Almeda aka UP Boy, I'll tell you that his name is Tommy Alvarado)---more below
Alice Dixson, Gabby Concepcion, Cristine Reyes, Andi Eigenmann and Jake Cuenca
Except for the very long title(in terms of syllables), the movie this one was based on, is very beautiful.  When Janice de Belen played the role of Jenny, I felt her pain...her agony. All of the members of cast fit their roles to a T.  Danny L. Zialcita was really one of the greatest directors and writers that ever lived. 

Still, Andoy Ranay(Director) and Keiko Aquino(Writer) made some changes that made this current story much, much better(including the ending).  The theme is still there, but the scenes and twists were improved.  I'm sure, if he were alive, he would agree with me because this is one of the best tributes a person, alive or posthumously, could ever receive.  Some remakes mock the memory of the creator instead of honoring him or her and thank goodness, this is a wonderful tribute to the genius that Danny L. Zialcita was.

Mom and dad, who watched the movie with me, were very, very pleased. 


DINA BONNEVIE's role was based on Susan Valdez's role in Nagalit... As usual, she does not disappoint.  She truly is very versatile and though her role was short, she stood out, at the very least, among the three women of Emman.

ALICE DIXSON as Audrey: My, oh my.  She truly is beautiful and ageless that when the trailer of WHEN THE LOVE IS GONE was shown, we wondered why Gabby's role would turn to Cristine's role.  When we watched the film, we still could not understand because we thought that Emman(Gabby's role)'s reasons were too shallow.  

Anyways, Alice Dixson, besides being, pardon the term, damn gorgeous, is a great actress.  She still speaks with somewhat close to a lisp, but since she is so good, it is overlooked by many, if not all. 

ANDI EIGENMANN as Jenny:  This is one actor that has her own claim to fame.  She's not just her parents' daughter.  She, besides being so beautiful, knows how to internalize well and becomes the character.  Whenever she acts, she's not Andi, but whoever she's portraying.  Here, she is Jenny.  Janice de Belen's portrayal was great and uniquely her style, but Andi had a different attack and it was very, very effective.

GABBY CONCEPCION as Emman: Awwwww. Gabby Concepcion is fifty years old, but boy, he's still so yummy.  He's very athletic and he takes care of his health. He's definitely an eye candy, yet he's more than that.  He can still act and is very convincing. 

CRISTINE REYES as Cassandra/Cassie: Dad, who, when we saw Cristine Reyes at Greenbelt 2, said, "What's the big fuss?" changed his mind after seeing her steamy scenes with Gabby Concepcion.  She can be classy. She can be cheap. She's good, if not great.

JAKE CUENCA is no Eddie Garcia, but he can truly act.  He is a handsome fellow, but somehow I think his hair does not suit him(in Maria Mercedes, though he is equally good looking, Ariel Rivera and Jason Abalos overshadow him).  

DJ DURANO is a person who is very flexible.  He can look so muy simp├ítico and he could be so hateful.  Here, he is so likable that we wished, since this story is just based on Nagalit and not totally a remake, that his character would end up with Alice Dixson's character.

ANTON REVILLA, the son of Princess Revilla in real life, plays the role of a gentleman who cares and loves Jenny very, very much.  He still has a long way to go before he could be bankable and remarkable, but he did well here. 
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