Cupid and Cate (2000)

From Google Images The movie is based on the novel CUPID and DIANA by Christina Bartolomeo It stars Mary-Louise Parker and Peter Gallagher
Directed by Brent Shields Written for the screen by Ron Raley and Jennifer Miller

At first glance this movie is very shallow.  It has all the ingredients of a normal movie.  One of the protagonists is in a very boring situation, which was comfortable, until that person meets the very exciting replacement.  It's so Mills & Boon or Harlequin or Silhouette novel type a story.  The book is actually wilder than the movie, but this movie has a few surprises the book didn't offer.
As a Daddy's girl who still loves her mother, I couldn't relate with Cate's situation with her dad, but I could relate with her relationship with both men in her life.

Just when she thought everything was coming up roses, she discovers the many, many thorns attached to the roses stems.
It becomes a bit heavy, but eventually...
Acting wise, they are all laudab…

Till I Met You (2006)

This is a poster for Till I Met You. The poster art copyright is believed to belong to the distributor of the film, GMA Films VIVA Films, the publisher of the film or the graphic artist.
Directed by Mark A. Reyes Story by Annette Gozon-Abrogar Screenplay by Benedict Mique 
Till I Met You(TIMY) is a movie I have seen for a total of eight times since it was shown in 2006.  I remember it well.  I watched it first on October 15.  It was one of the movies I watched with my movie buddy, RJ, who is now in heaven.  It was a Sunday then and we watched it at Festival Supermall.  
It's a movie that gave me a light feeling.  It sort of reminded me of the Sheryl Cruz and Cesar Montano starrer called GANITO BA ANG UMIBIG?(1990), but the story is totally different.   Why did it remind me of it?  Well, I can't totally figure it out, but I guess I know why. ;-)

TIMY is very amusing and endearing.  It also had so many exciting scenes.  The ending seemed open-ended, and if I it remember correctly,…

Watching PANGARAP KO'Y IBIGIN KA again and again and again (2003)


This is one of my favourite movies of all time.  I think I've seen this movie about twelve times or more.  It was June 2003 the first time I've seen this, and each time I watch this is like the first time.

The casting is perfect and even if there are ads in the movie, they are done in good taste(present tense intentional).

It has some funny moments and there are lots of endearing scenes.  Based on the flashbacks, there were scenes of Raffy and Alex's togetherness or bonding that weren't shown during the first part of the movie, meaning their intimacy was not really in an instant like most viewers perceived it to be.  Well, even without those flashbacks, it wasn't really in an instant, but it was sort of like whirlwind kind of thing.

Chona and Boyet had some great intimate moments here...oops, I mean, Alex and Raffy.  They both kiss well and the audience could feel the intensity of their emotions.

Back at Alex's homestead, I loved listening to the inhibitio…

Pangako Ikaw Lang (2001)


Hallmark Channel's How to Fall in Love (2012)

Directed by  Mark Griffiths Written by Bart Fisher
Wow.  I've seen other movies where the opposite sex was the coach, the one being coached transforms, has this great realisation or big lightbulb moment, then  the two ended up together, but this one is the best of the ones I've watched(and read) so far.
Maybe the stars aren't as big as the others with the same theme, but there's just something about Eric Mabius and Brooke D'Orsay together...they jell.  There's some kind of wonderful...some kind of magic between them that made...make me believe that they are really in love even if this is just a movie and they have their respective  partners in real life.  Eric Mabius is happily married with two children.  Brooke D'Orsay is exclusively dating Greg Coolidge and rumour has it that they are already married.  The sad part is that there is also a rumour that Greg is going out with another actress named Jill Scheid, another beautiful actress, but I am digressin…

Unexpectedly Yours (2017)

Source Two former high school friends renew their relationship when they make the happy discovery that they are now neighbors.-WWW Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina Written by Vanessa R. Valdez and Kiko Abrillo (story) Anna Karenina Ramos and Janica May Regalo (screenplay) Edited by Marya Ignacio
There is no such thing as a perfect person.  There is nothing wrong if we just want to be the best version of our real self, but if we try too hard to be perfect just to please those we want to please, then we would never be happy.
The first person, besides God that is, we should love is our very selves.  We cannot give what we do not have.  If we do not love ourselves, then we couldn't love others.
The words above is the message this movie wants to remind us of.  Patty(Sharon Cuneta) did not know how to love herself so she was never truly happy, until Cocoy(Robin Padilla) came back into her life after thirty-five years. 
The young ones, JoshLia(Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto), have an undeniab…

The Wedding Do Over (2018) ---mostly only what I felt after watching this (NOT a review)

Abby is a wedding planner who specializes in fixing nuptials that went wrong. Forced to work with her ex-fiance, she soon begins to question whether their relationship was the disaster that she remembers.-WWW Director: W.D. Hogan
Alon Bar...(story) Mary Pocrnic...(story) Mary Pocrnic...(teleplay by) Nancy Sexton...(story)
The movie made for television surely made my heart lighter.  I had no difficulty in imagining someone as strong and handsome as Parker Young, not him exactly...someone older, hopefully, but if he turns out to be younger, not too young, I hope... to embrace me tightly without smothering.  A tight, but tender embrace.
Thankfully, it's free to dream, but thankfully too, it is also great when you know what's real and what's not.
Nicole Gale Anderson has gone a long way since she played someone with my mom's surname in  Jonas(Macy Misa).  Her mother is Filipino and that explains the tan, so I guess they made her live in LA to justify her beautiful sk…