The Collector (1965)

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Starring: Terence Stamp, Samantha Eggar, Mona Washbourne
Directed By: William Wyler
Genre: Drama

Freddie Clegg is a quiet and insignificant London bank clerk whose hobby is collecting butterflies. But when he wins $200,000 in the soccer lottery, Freddie's life changes considerably, allowing him to pursue a cherished "specimen" he has long admired from afar -- a beautiful and fun-loving girl named Miranda. Kidnapping Miranda, the deranged collector imprisons her in the cellar of his secluded house. As Miranda tries everything she can think of to escape, the ordeal of her confinement lays bare their souls and looks deep beneath the surface of the obsessive collector and his prey.

Miranda Grey: I've stayed the four weeks.
Freddie Clegg: I just have to have you here a little longer.
Miranda Grey: Why? What more can I do? What more can you want?
Freddie Clegg: You know what I want... it's what I've always wanted. You could fall in love with me if you tried. I've done everything I could to make it easy. You just won't try!

You can never force people to love you.  If you are fortunate enough to be affluent or rich, and you may shower your object of desire with presents and he or she might accept them, there is no guarantee that your love would be reciprocated.

Often times, the powerful or domineering people use force.  They may succeed, but they would never be happy and forever be haunted.

I remember the time when I looked up to certain strangers who are popular in a certain industry.  Thankfully, I'm not like Freddie, but I did try to find a way to meet them.  Finally, I was able to.  Some of them became friends, thank goodness, but some of them were better left on a pedestal.  I was disappointed, but it made me realize that they are human beings after all.

In this very disturbing psychological thriller, I found Freddie as someone with a supposedly beautiful heart and who was very intelligent, but because of his insecurities, his mind became twisted.

Frederick Clegg justified all his actions.  He was no rapist and he believed that he was respecting Miranda Grey's privacy.


I wonder if William Wyler regretted not directing THE SOUND OF MUSIC, but he did a great job here.

As weird as Freddie Clegg was, Terence Stamp gave him a soul. There were times that Miranda almost cared for him, but as quickly as that happens, he frightens her.

The ending was not what I've hoped for, but since it's open-ended, who knows, he might have educated her and probably she would have fallen in love with him.

Probably, Freddie would have learned from his mistakes...

Samantha Eggar was very convincing here.  She made us believe that it is not Miranda's fault that she was object of Freddie's desires...his wildest dreams.  We pitied her and prayed for her freedom.  


This movie scares me a lot, but it also reminded me to care for people like Freddie.  If more people reach out to them, then maybe there will be lesser crimes of passion in this world. Still, it is easier said than done.

I tried reaching out to people like him, but in the end, I realized that even if I continuously care for them, I cannot be their savior.  That role is for our Lord Jesus alone.  

She made use of her time in the cellar by painting

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