Interrupted Melody (1955) Via TCM


Let me tell you a secret. My first Hollywood crush when I was a young girl of four was Glenn Ford.  It was not the romantic type of crush. I think even if I claim that the first romantic one was four years later, I believe my first romantic crush was at eleven(he was sixteen)...I still see him around...he is very happy with his wife and he has two almost grownup children...Do I still like him? As a person, I do, but nothing romantic...I also realized at fifteen that he was not my type at all.  

Now back to Glenn Ford...Yes, I noticed that he was handsome and had very expressive eyes(yes, even at four, I've noticed that), but I just admired him and watched reruns or old movies that had him as a star or as an actor.  He also had a very comforting smile and he was such a charmer.
INTERRUPTED MELODY is one of my favorites of his.  As Tom,  the very loving husband of Marjorie(Eleanor Parker), he was very endearing.

I love the songs and the way they were sung here.  The love scenes between Tom and Marjorie were also done in good taste.  Marjorie, before her melody was interrupted, was very, very playful.


You would feel every pain Marjorie was undergoing and how Tom truly loves her.

Story wise, I am glad that the melody was just interrupted and NOT totally ended.

From Imdb:

Marjorie Lawrence (Eleanor Parker) crowds her life with excitement and achievement from the day she leaves her Australian home and goes to Paris to study voice. After a triumphal debut at the Paris Opera she becomes famous overnight, and her debut at the Met in New York establishes her as one of the great singers of her time. With all her dreams come true, tragedy strikes in the form of infantile paralysis and she faces a life of confinement to a wheel chair. Although she reaches the depths of despair, she manages through the love and devotion of her husband, Dr. Tom King (Glenn Ford), she begins to build a new career by singing to servicemen who, like herself, are confined to wheel chairs.Written by Les Adams <>

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