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From imdb:A thriller that follows two siblings who decide to fend for themselves in the wake of a botched casino heist, and their unlikely reunion during another family's Thanksgiving celebration.





Even the most thwarted soul has an iota of goodness in them.  Yes, I truly believe that.  Addison(Bana) is a very caring brother and no matter how twisted his ideals are, he, in his own way, protects children.

When he and Liza(Wilde) were little he protected Liza and that's the very reason why she looked up to him.

This movie is about families and relationships: 1)A loving family with a slight problem, but nothing they cannot handle together; 2)A family with an abusive step father; 3)A love hate relationship between a father and a daughter in the same line of business; 4)And good sibling relationship that went wrong along the way.

Deadfall(2014) is also a love story found in a most peculiar situation between Jay(Hunnam) and Liza.

I like the two leading men here.  I've admired Eric Bana BLACK HAWK DOWN and Charlie Hunnam since THE LEDGE, and though shown a year later, I watched him first at PACIFIC RIM(blog entry).  I also tried to picture it with their roles reversed and I think they are versatile enough to play each other's role.

We should not belittle the presence of the veterans.  Sissy Spacek's eyes are commanding and expressive.  Kris Kristofferson and Treat William delivered their lines convincingly and they owned their characters.

Kate Mara plays Hannah, the very perceptive daughter of the Sheriff.  She has a love-hate relationship with her father(Williams).

Dad says there were too many casualties in this movie, but hey, I've watched KILL BILL with him, and I think there were more casualties there. 

OK,  this is the most beautiful story ever written and neither is it a very fantastic movie, but if you would dig deeper and understand the psyche of the characters, it could also touch your soul.

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