Starting Over Again (2014 movie)

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Piolo Pacual and Toni Gonzaga

Some time ago last year, Toni Gonzaga and Piolo Pascual started to film UNLOVE YOU, which eventually evolved into this now mega blockbuster hit, STARTING OVER AGAIN.

I was supposed to watch this with my closest friends Pia, Inggie and Eise, but because of unavoidable circumstances and my being indisposed, our barkada date was cancelled.

Finally,  I was able to watch this great movie yesterday with my brother, Karl.  

Honestly, even if a lot of people gave spoilers and I already knew the ending, I was still surprised with a lot of scenes.  The dialogues were well thought of and flashbacks weren't confusing.

The whole ensemble's perfect.  Even if I couldn't imagine how Lito Pimentel and Yayo Aguila could conjure Toni, it didn't matter. They were all great in playing their roles.  I don't think anyone else was thinking about that anyways.  

Who did I relate with? Patty or Ginny? A part of me is Patty and a part of me is Ginny.  

I agree with the people being interviewed.  This is one of the most realistic and beautiful films of all time.

If you have not watched it yet, what are you waiting for? Go to the theaters NOW, if possible.

I wouldn't mind watching it again. :)

Congratulations to the WHOLE TEAM!


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