Endless Love 2014


Scott Spencer, the original author of Endless Love, is very disappointed with both movie adaptations of 1981 and 2014. I've seen both movies.  The first one depressed me and the second one made me feel lighter inside.

I understand Scott Spencer. It's not the same thing, but I remember researching for a group of people before and most, if not all, the ideas presented were mine, but I was just credited as the TYPIST.   My goodness.  Researching and typing are two different things so I was really very, very disappointed.  The leader misquoted me several times and I felt really, really bad.

Scott Spencer felt he was misquoted in both films and this Valentine 2014 full film feature presentation was mangled beyond recognition.  Anyways, if you care for the author, download the ebook or buy the paperback version in bookstores(not in book sales because it won't help him) or online.

I thought the only person alive that doesn't care how much his original story changes during the reboots is Stan Lee. Yet, I recently learned that he is having problems with Disney.  Anyways, that's an entirely different story.

Loosely based is an understatement.  This movie that is still being shown in theaters here and there is, for me, a totally different story.  The only things that are a same are names of the characters, especially the Butterfields.  The situations or social standings are different.  Yes, there was a fire, but the reason for the fire is different too.

For me to like this film I have to pretend that this was never based on Scott Spencer's book or Franco Zeffirelli's classic.

OK, let me do that.

There are many flaws, but let's not dwell on them.   Critics have used words that are likened to the effects of the usage of bazookas, machine guns, multi-barreled guns, Uzis and all those explosives that could probably annihilate more than the sensibilities of Shana Feste(director and screenwriter) and her collaborator, Joshua Safran, so I won't go there.  After all, I am NOT a movie critic.  I am just an observer. 

One thing's for sure, Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde have a good onscreen chemistry.  I just found Gabriella's interpretation of Jade as too wild, but I took into consideration the fact that she was too sheltered before she was given some sort of freedom.  Here she was, almost eighteen years old, with no friends except for her family and it's the first time her feelings are awakened.  It just makes me feel uncomfortable that she became too active and often put David(Pettyfer) in an awkward position(double entendre).


Another thing that made me edgy was the fact was that her parents were too lenient.  In my opinion, it's great to be lenient, but it's bad to be too lenient.  

Jade's dad, Hugh(Bruce Greenwood), was a very loving father.  David's social standing was not really an issue.  It was his ambition, or lack of it that seemed to bother Mr. Butterfield.  

When David accidentally learned his secret, he does everything to ruin his future.

Sigh.  It's so, for a lack of a better term, soap operatic, right? 

OK, without giving spoilers, I think what I liked about this film is the ending and I also liked David Elliot's soul.  He is such an endearing young man. Listen to Anne Butterfield's(Joely Richardson) recommendation letter if you dare watch this film.

Oh, before I forget, I also liked Keith Butterfield(Rhys Wakefield)'s character here...and his edgy relationship with his dad.

I guess, without insulting Scot Spencer, I think this is also worth watching, but don't expect it to be a spectacular film so you won't be disappointed.     

Cast(from Wikipedia)

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