Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967)

Just like most of the musicals of great composers, the topic of this one is heavy(White Slavery), but it is made light because of the music and comedic lines. 

It is also a movie about misconceptions and about love.

The songs and dance steps are good, and the acting was, well, it was good. Probably not great, but it was good.

It was written by Richard Morris and directed by George Roy Hill. 

A stage version was based on this movie(a full musical) with lyrics written by Dick Scanlan and music composed by Jeanine Tesori.  The sound track of the movie was by Elmer Bernstein and his team.
Pat Morita, Beatrice Lillie and Jack Soo
Thank goodness, even if there are still stereotypes, the Asians are given better roles now.  The great Pat Morita and Jack Soo were given somewhat insulting roles here.

John Gavin, James Fox, Beatrice Lillie, Carol Channing, Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore

from imdb:


In 1922 New York City, Millie Dillmount and Miss Dorothy Brown are just two of the girls living at the Priscilla Hotel for Single Young Ladies run by Mrs. Meers. Orphaned, Miss Dorothy, just recently arrived, is a naive, old-fashioned girl from a seemingly privileged background who has aspirations to be a stage actress. From more modest means, Millie, in New York for three months, used to be old fashioned, but now has a new modern sensibility and look to match, complete with bobbed hair and dresses with hemlines above the knee. Included in this new modern sensibility is Millie's goal of getting a job as a stenographer, with a quick promotion to being her wealthy boss' "Mrs.". Love is not to factor into the equation. She believes she's found the right employer in the form of chisel-jawed Trevor Graydon of the Sincere Trust Insurance Company. Millie's pursuit of Mr. Graydon is despite the fact that Mr. Graydon sees her as one of the boys, he has old fashioned sensibilities, and Millie ... Written by Huggo

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