My Illegal Wife (2014)

WATCH: Steven De Guzman dances ‘My Illegal Wife’ theme—‘Akin Ka Na Lang’ 940x280

WATCH: Steven De Guzman dances ‘My Illegal Wife’ theme—‘Akin Ka Na Lang’

This kid is really very, very talented.


We watched this movie on a Monday, meaning I'm the only one who had to pay for my way in because my parents didn't have to.  It's a good thing because my dad's head kept shaking.  Mom liked it and thought that Pokwang was even more beautiful than Ellen Adarna(maybe because her role here is not worth loving).

The members of the supporting cast were all good and that little boy called Steven De Guzman as Liam was wonderful.  Well, I guess I could call him the saving grace of this movie. Mae "Juana Change" Paner was awesome as Janet Lee Napulis. Of course, Joy Viado, Anita Linda, Pooh, Empoy, Edgar Allan Guzman and Beauty Gonzales were very effective. :-)  

Pokwang played the role of a woman who was ONLY 39 years old with a teenage daughter and a young son who love each other dearly.  Even if her contract in Japan already ended, she was not poor.  Her family was able to save her money and even made her investments grow.   She also has good friends who truly love her.  True, her looks might not be considered in this country as gorgeous, but she's definitely not ugly.  She has a svelte body and she displayed sartorial elegance in many of the scenes of this film, so I don't quite get why she was so desperate.

I'm in my forties.  True, I am single, but I was not deprived of love and up to now, there are people who love me, thank God.  It's true that whenever the weather is cold I would wish there was someone to cuddle with(someone I those not in that category should not get any stupid ideas), but I don't want to settle or be with someone just out of sheer desperation.  We should, at the very least, feel the same and we should decide to be with each other, no matter what.

My doctor said it's not too late to have a baby, but since I'm in my forties, I guess my chances of having my own flesh and blood are slim, thank goodness somewhere in India, a fifty-two year old woman gave birth to a second baby that was very healthy(Hmp! I know someone who keeps scaring everyone over thirty years old that has not given birth yet.).  Guess how old the father was?  96 years old. Unfortunately, almost a year later, the fifty-three year old wife left the 97 year old husband because of the disappearance of their oldest son. :-( She took their barely year old youngest child, leaving the old man devastated. The Guiness Book of World Records states that the oldest woman to give birth by natural means is Dawn Brooke from the UK who was 59 years old then in 2007 and someone from Israel gave birth at 65 via C-section.

Anyways, if I don't become a mother of my own flesh and blood(only born out of love, if ever...), there are many children out there needing love.  Sigh.  Only God knows what His perfect plan for me is.

Anyways, the spoofs or parodies were good.  People in the cinema were sporadically laughing(yes, not all the time, but during those few times, they were giggling).  The reciprocation of love seemed forced, but it's a good thing it was declared even before finding out that Clariz was actually bad(oops, spoiler!).

I guess I could say that this film did not need too much innuendos and it would have been better if there were fewer spoofs, but come on. It worked.  The main characters and some members of the supporting cast are good at spoofs.  This may not be the best comedy film, but it's OK.  It's not a thinker's movie. It's a silly movie and it's meant to be that way.  Why was I expecting too much?

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