Maybe This Time (2014)

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The story and theme is one of the oldest, but I still loved it. Who cares if the story is a bit shallow? Who cares if it's super rehashed and recycled like the materials Tonio uses? Who cares if there are endorsements? Sigh. It's a feel good movie and thank goodness, it did its job. 
Regarding the "story"
My stand is: What's in the past should remain in the past, but when there's no closure, I think, if both of you are still free, you should, at the very least, talk...either to finally end it or to be together again.

The movie was executed well.  Sarah, although still obviously very conservative(which suits her), is a little more daring here. She is a better actor and is very convincing here.

Coco Martin is very natural.  The role is fit for him and his baby face charms never fails to make the ladies and the homosexuals shriek.  Some people in the movie house were shouting, "I love you so much!" Oh shucks.  ;-) I still like him better in more serious roles, but hey, he's definitely an eye candy here. 


The scenes in Bataan were glorious...sigh. 

(Justin Mesias)

Sharmaine Centenera Buencamino is awesome as Steph's mom and Boboy Garovillo was also very believable.  

Ogie Diaz was exceptionally funny here(10 props, five stars, standing ovation) and among Steph's four friends, Kooks(Garlic Garcia) stood out.

Ruffa G. is beautiful here as Monica, but her character was annoying.  I was hoping that Monica was just misunderstood and that there was a deeper reason why she was like that.  Her friends seemed OK, but she stereo-typed them.  Oh well. Yes, there are people like her in real life, but...Please give Ruffa G. better projects.  Whether as a villainess, a bida-contrabida or a woman with substance and strong personality, please give her better projects.  This is a good movie, but I think...

Anyways, I still commend Anton Santamaria and Melai Monge for writing a good script...for making an old story still interesting, no matter what the critics say. 

Congratulations to the cast and crew, most especially the good director, Jerry Lopez Sineneng. 

From Starcinema

Garlic Garcia as KOOKS

Supporting cast

  • Dennis Padilla as Erning
  • Boboy Garovillo as Mr. Butch Asuncion, Teptep's Dad
  • Sharmaine Centenera-Buencamino as Mrs. Lenny Asuncion, Teptep's Mom
  • Tony Mabesa as Lolo Pancho
  • Ogie Diaz as Mama Mae
  • Marlann Flores as Mels
  • Zeppi Borromeo as Jans
  • Alex Castro  as Patrick 
  • Minnie Aguilar as Elma Bugayong
  • Kathleen Hermosa as Clara Asuncion
  • Garlic Garcia as Kooks
  • Cecil Paz  as Susan
  • Devon Seron as Abby
  • Gaby Dela Merced as Liana
  • Dante Ponce as Andrew, Monica's ex
  • Marina Benipayo as Carmen
  • Aaron Junatas as Hyro

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