Monday, May 4, 2015

Silent Pain: An Abused Girl's Struggles Through Hell (Book review)

Heather has given me a ticket to ride on a time machine and has made me witness first hand all her pains and struggles.  Her descriptions were very vivid and I felt helpless when I could not help her.  I am just a few years older than Heather, so probably I would have been helpless too.  Thank goodness, even with all the monstrosities that happened to her, done to her by different perpetrators, she still has a very good view in life and she has forgiven the culprits.

Things like what happened to Heather and her sister, Tamara, are very real as real could be.  I am very fortunate because my father protects and so do most of my uncles, but their experiences are still close to home because people I know have experienced these things.  Their perpetrators have crossed over already, and unlike Heather, they could not forgive their abusers.

Take a ride in Heather's time machine and I am sure that even if you would shudder and feel the different levels of pain, you too, will triumph as she triumphs.

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