Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Barely Lethal (2014- USA and 2015- Globally) R-13

A teenage special operations agent (Hailee Steinfeld) fakes her own death to enroll as an exchange student in an American high school. She quickly learns being a teenaged girl in school is more difficult than international espionage. -WWW
Agent 83 had dreams of normalcy, but her research was marred because of the wrong resources.  She stereotyped everyone in her mind, not knowing that maybe in real life, the exact opposite might be true.

She finally got her wish by faking her death, then the rest is history.

Directed by:  Kyle Newman
Written by:    John D'Arco

This movie reminded me of a lot of things:  THE PRETENDER, DARK ANGEL(with Jessica Alba), KINGSMAN, LARA CROFT, SALT, SPY KIDS, CODY BANKS plus all those other movies featured in this film and more.

It may be a flick made for teenagers, but because of the action scenes, adults may appreciate it too.

There was just one thing off.  Agent 83 was a keen observer, but she couldn't read people well. Oh maybe it's because of all those wrong INTEL she got that made her judgment clouded. Her wanting normalcy and all that jazz.

As a whole, even if some situations were already seen in other flicks(I think it was on purpose...sorta kinda those spoofs, but not), they still offered other angles.  There were good conversations and lessons that were not too preachy.

It's great to see Hailee Steinfeld in a different light.  I liked her in BEGIN AGAIN, but I love her here.  The fight scenes of Megan and Heather made me gape a little wide. ;-)

The whole supporting cast were at the very least, good, if not great.

Thomas Mann reminded me of KIM POSSIBLE's Ron.  Probably it was supposed to be that way.

It's still being shown here in the Philippines, so I hope people would give it a chance because it is rather enjoyable.  

They weren't so kind to YOUR PLACE OR MINE? because of lack of information(I was reminded of this when I was watching Megan Walsh having the wrong idea about people just because a certain Hollywood Blockbuster Hit said so) they cancelled its showing at SM City BF P'que cinemas because only a few people were interested in it. Tsk, tsk!  It had a good story and there were good actors there.  I hope they re-release this in the future.  I could only hope and pray.

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