Friday, May 1, 2015

Notting Hill(1999) for the gazillionth time ;-)

If you are a contemporary and you haven't seen this, warning, there are spoilers! (LOL!)

1999?  I could've sworn this was shown much, much earlier.  My brother married my sister-in-law in 1998 and I was sure that the songs during their wedding reception were Shania Twain's songs including one from Notting Hill, except for the song I sang(Chiqui Pineda's HOW DID YOU KNOW?).  Oh well.  I guess my mind's playing tricks on me.  What I'm sure of is that I've seen this several times and I never get tired of watching this from start to finish.  It's like every time is a first time.  I already know how they met and how pure William is.  I also know that Anna is human as human could be.

William: I live in Notting Hill. You live in Beverly Hills. Everyone in the world knows who you are, my mother has trouble remembering my name.
Anna Scott: I'm also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

Moments later...
Bernie: Well, you know, anybody saying they want to go out with you is...pretty great...isn't it?
William: It was sort of sweet, actually- I mean, I know she's an actress and all that, so she can deliver a line, but she said that she might be as famous as can be, but also...that she was just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her. [pause] Oh, sod a dog. I've made the wrong decision, haven't I?
[Spike arrives]
Honey: William just turned down Anna Scott.
Spike: You daft prick.

Yes.  I have seen this movie several times and my favorite part was when Anna said, "Indefinitely!" (look below for the whole context)

P.R. Chief: Next question? Yes. You in the pink shirt.
William: Uh, right. Miss Scott, are there any circumstances that you and he might be more than just friends.
Anna: I hoped that there would be but I've been assured that there's not.
William: Yes, but what if...
P.R. Chief: I'm sorry. Just the one question.
Anna: No. It's alright. You were saying?
William: I was just wondering what if this person...
Journalist: Thacker. His name is Thacker.
William: Right. Thanks. What if, uh, Mr. Thacker realized that he had been a daft prick and got down on his knees and begged you to reconsider if you would... indeed... reconsider.
Anna: [pause] Yes. I believe I would.
William: That's very good news. Um, the readers of Horse and Hound will be absolutely delighted.
[Anna whispers in the P.R. Chief's ear]
P.R. Chief: Dominic... if you'd like to ask your question again?
Journalist: Yes. Anna, how long are you intending to stay here in Britain?
Anna: [pause] Indefinitely.

The first time I saw this film, the scene above reminded me of Roman Holiday.  It's a totally different story, of course and the endings for the two female leads were different.  I prefer Gregory Peck over Hugh Grant, but Hugh Grant was so adorable as William Thacker.  My heart flutters every time I heard William talk about himself in the 3rd person and when Anna said, "Indefinitely!" all the reporters faced him and took pictures of him.  Hugh was in his most handsome state least as William Thacker.  Then this song played on...:
For the first time, I think it was last night (Or was it in the wee hours this morning?), I saw this on HBO HD.  Anna was still beautiful, but William was extra handsome.  Again, it felt like I was watching the movie for the first time.  It was surreal, yes, but it was real too.  At least for me it seemed real.



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