Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)/ Pitch Perfect (2012)

The long wait, at least for me, was finally over.  I able to watch this movie a few hours ago, 9:00 PM to be precise, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

When the trailer was shown, I wondered if it would be able to outdo the first one.  Seldom does a sequel, unless it was shot immediately after the one preceding it, and even before the first one was to be shown is shown, become better than the original.  

I am happy to say, that this movie, at the very least, equals the first one.

Elizabeth Banks is an amazingly good director.  
Directed by Elizabeth Banks
Written by Kay Cannon
Based on Characters created
by Kay Cannon
Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory
by Mickey Rapkin
Anna Kendrick
Rebel Wilson
Brittany Snow
Ester Dean
Hana Mae Lee
Alexis Knapp
Hailee Steinfeld
Chrissie Fit

Following an incident involving Fat Amy and a wardrobe malfunction at the Lincoln Center, the Barden Bellas are suspended from the circuit of A Capella performing. In order to regain their status, the Bellas enter the international competition, a colossal task seeing as how no American team has ever won.- Wikipedia
I've been seeing a lot of this young lady lately and she is slowly becoming one of my favorites.  She is so versatile.  

My bestie, Eise, loves PENTATONIX 
Beca and Emily

The Barden Bellas
Anna Kendrick as Beca Mitchell
Rebel Wilson as Patricia "Fat Amy"
Brittany Snow as Chloe Beale
Ester Dean as Cynthia-Rose Adams
Alexis Knapp as Stacie Conrad
Hana Mae Lee as Lilly Onakurama
Kelley Jakle as Jessica
Shelley Regner as Ashley
Hailee Steinfeld as Emily Junk, a new Bella
Chrissie Fit as Florencia "Flo" Fuentes, a new Bella

Additional Characters
Skylar Astin as Jesse Swanson
Adam DeVine as Bumper Allen, Fat Amy's love interest and former leader of the Treblemakers.
Ben Platt as Benjamin "Benji" Applebaum, Emily's love interest.
Anna Camp as Aubrey Posen, a former Bella.
Flula Borg as Pieter Krämer, Das Sound Machine Co-Leader
Birgitte Hjort Sørensen as Kommissar, Das Sound Machine Co-Leader
Kether Donahue as Alice, a former Bella.
C.J. Perry as a former Bella.
Katey Sagal as Katherine Junk, Emily's mother and a former Bella.
Keegan-Michael Key as Beca's boss
Elizabeth Banks as Gail Abernathy-McKadden
John Michael Higgins as John Smith
David Cross as the Riff-Off Host
Brea Grant as the Barden Orientation Announcer
Reggie Watts as Tone Hanger singer
Austin Lyon as Heat Residual Intern
Snoop Dogg as himself
Pentatonix as themselves

Directed by Jason Moore
Produced by
Paul Brooks
Max Handelman
Elizabeth Banks
Screenplay by Kay Cannon
Based on Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory 
by Mickey Rapkin
Where it all "started"

College student Beca (Anna Kendrick) knows she does not want to be part of a clique, but that's exactly where she finds herself after arriving at her new school. Thrust in among mean gals, nice gals and just plain weird gals, Beca finds that the only thing they have in common is how well they sing together. She takes the women of the group out of their comfort zone of traditional arrangements and into a world of amazing harmonic combinations in a fight to the top of college music competitions.- WWW
This is short and simple:  This is a movie that I will watch again and again and again.  Nice musical arrangements, love stories and back stories.  The dialogue's not bad too!

The Barden Bellas

John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks

Skylar Astin and Anna Kendrick
Jesse and Beca talking about THE BREAKFAST CLUB

The Barden Bellas
Anna Kendrick as Beca Mitchell, an introverted and rebellious Barden freshman who wants to pursue a music career; she joins the Barden Bellas to appease her father and finds herself being caught up in their world.
Anna Camp as Aubrey Posen, the uptight and traditionalist co-leader of the Bellas; when she vomited at Nationals the previous year, she ruined the Bellas' chance at winning. She is constantly critical and insists that The Bellas use the same set list the Bellas have been using for years.
Brittany Snow as Chloe Beale, the kinder and more civil co-leader of the Bellas, whose attempts to get Aubrey to listen to Beca's suggestions get ignored. Chloe gets "nodes" but continues to sing when she discovers she could sing in a substantially lower tessitura following the surgery.
Rebel Wilson as Patricia "Fat Amy", a comedic and eccentric member of the Bellas from Tasmania.
Ester Dean as Cynthia-Rose Adams, a tomboyish member of the Bellas.
Alexis Knapp as Stacie Conrad, a highly sexually driven member of the Bellas.
Hana Mae Lee as Lilly Onakuramara, a strange member of the Bellas who speaks too quietly to be heard but is later revealed to be a talented beatboxer.
Kelly Jakle as Jessica, a bubbly yet absent-minded member of the Bellas.
Shelley Regner as Ashley, a member of the Bellas who is also a beatboxer.
Wanetah Walmsley as Denise, a member of the Bellas.
The Treblemakers
Skylar Astin (he is NOT related to the famous Astins) as Jesse Swanson, an outgoing Barden freshman who hopes to one day become a film score composer due to his great love for films. He joins the Barden Treblemakers.
Ben Platt as Benji Applebaum, Jesse's irritable roommate and an illusionist, who is a fan of the Treblemakers. He later joins the group after Bumper drops out of the team.
Adam DeVine as Bumper Allen, the egotistical leader of the Treblemakers.
Utkarsh Ambudkar as Donald, Bumper's right-hand man, who beatboxes, raps, and is a main vocalist.
Michael Viruet as Unicycle, a member of the Treblemakers.
David Del Rio as Kolio, a member of the Treblemakers.
Gregory Gorenc as Greg, a member of the Treblemakers.
Wes Lagarde as "Hat", a member of the Treblemakers. He is never given an official name as hat is Bumper's nickname for him.
Steven Bailey as Steven, a member of the Treblemakers.
Brian Silver as Brian, a member of the Treblemakers.
Michael Anaya as Michael, a member of the Treblemakers.
Additional Characters
Nicole Lovince as Kori, a former member of the Bellas who was kicked out for having sexual relations with a Treblemaker.
Caroline Fourmy as Mary Elise, a former member of the Bellas who was also kicked out for having sexual relations with a Treblemaker.
Freddie Stroma as Luke, the radio station manager who plays Beca's DJ mixes on the air.
Jinhee Joung as Kimmy-Jin, Beca's Korean American roommate, whose initial cold reception leads Beca to ask if she can speak English.
Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Tommy, the university's constantly harassed audition launcher.
John Michael Higgins as John Smith, a commentator for the ICCAs.
Elizabeth Banks as Gail Abernathy-McKadden, a commentator for the ICCAs.
John Benjamin Hickey as Dr. Benjamin Mitchell, Beca's father, a professor at the college, who insists that she attend classes and get involved.

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