The Gifted (2014)

THE GIFTED is a riotous comedy by award-winning writer-director, Chris Martinez (”Kimmy Dora,” “Here Comes the Bride,” “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank), starring Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes and Sam Milby. This is Anne and Cristine’s reunion movie after co-starring in the blockbuster “No Other Woman,” which remains the highest-grossing Filipino dramatic movie in history. This time they trade comedic barbs and engage in explosive physical warfare as frenemies from grade school to adulthood, fighting over the number 1 spot in school… and the guy they both like.

"The Gifted" is about two girls who are gifted with extremely high IQ, the fat kid, Zoe Tuazon (Anne Curtis) and the nerd, Aica Tabayoyong (Cristine Reyes). They are the best of friends until campus heartthrob, Mark Ferrer (Sam Milby) comes in between them! Soon enough, Zoe and Aica have parted ways.

Years later, they met again - not the same fat kid and nerdy nerd they used to be, but stunningly gorgeous and ravishing. Will their friendship be mended or will this cause more trouble?

(Source: Viva Films)

The people being interviewed on TV were right.  The ending was not quite expected.  Maybe Chris Martinez thought that the humor was too dark that it needed some paradoxical finish of some sort to be on the lighter side.  Yes, perhaps. 

When I was watching THE BUZZ last Sunday, Cristine Reyes said something like she's happy because kids might be able to watch this one.  Sam Milby and Anne Curtis said they still have to wait and see.

I suppose even if law gets enacted, I won't get sued because he posed.
 I was just trying to take a picture of the cinema. 
 I actually took another photograph, but it was blurrier than this one.
 Today, I learned that the film ratings board gave them an R-13 rating.  This time, I agree with them. (Philippine Ratings are G for General Viewership, PG for Parental Guidance of kids 13 and under, R-13 strictly no children under 13, with or w/o parents, R-16, no one under 16 could enter, with or without someone older than them present and R-18---well, you know the drill) 

THE GIFTED is told from the point of view of the up and coming writer named Mark played by Sam Milby during his book launching at Power Books, Serendra Piazza. 

He starts the story with how the two met, how their friendship flourished, how something and someone came between them and how their friendship was eventually destroyed.

In this movie, if you are one who sides with fictional characters, you would probably choose Aica over Zoe.  Zoe, according to Mark, is a misguided child who eventually became lethally evil.

We enjoyed watching the movie and was satisfied with what we thought the ending was, then a few minutes later, we learned that that wasn't it.

I don't want to give spoilers.  

Go to the nearest theater as soon as you can and watch it yourself.


Congratulations to the three main characters
These experts did great too

Some of the other great actors in the movie
  • Isay Alvarez 
  • Ana Abad Santos
  • Rubi-Rubi
  • Racquel Villavicencio
  • Alliya Fatima Dela Riva
  • Abby Bautista
  • Ashley " Petrang Mahalimuyak" Rivera
  • Shehyee Ongkiko et al

Kudos to the ENTIRE cast and crew.

Another wonderful script and superb direction, Mr. Chris Martinez!
Way to go!

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