Derailed (2005) via Cinemax

There are many things that made me sick to my stomach while watching this film.  Yes, Charles(Owen) loves his daughter Amy(Timlin) very much, but he is not very laudable in his ways.

The moral compass is pointing downward and until the end, except for Charles going back to his wife and daughter, there was nothing redeemable about his character.  Well, that's just my opinion.

What did I like about this film?  The acting.  I finally understood why Vincent Cassel became Beauty's Beast. He was so good that I almost hated him.  I wanted to get a baseball bat and hunt the guy, forgetting he was just playing LaRoche and he was not LaRoche himself.  

Clive Owen is a very good actor and more often than not, he is immersed in his character.

From Giancarlo Esposito, to Addison Timlin, to Melissa George, RZA to Xzibit  to Tom Conti et al, everyone executed  their assignments well.

Now, regarding Jennifer Aniston, I think I could understand why she was chosen for this role.  She could be sultry and still have that look of innocence on her face, making her easy to love. 

Would I watch this again?

Probably I'll just read the book written by James Siegel first then decide if I should watch this again or not.  

Mikael Håfström's direction was good and even if I did not like the film that much, I must say the flow of the story was OK, thanks to Paul Beattie

I seldom agree with critics, but I must say, I agree with every word(I got this from the Wikipedia Page) Roger Ebert wrote:  
Derailed received mostly negative reviews, with blog website Rotten Tomatoes giving it a rating of 20%. Metacritic, which assigns a weighted average score from 1 to 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, gave the film a 40 based on 34 critics.  Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun Times awarded the films two and a half out of four stars and believed that Owen's and Aniston's performances were intriguing. Ebert said, "Clive Owen was my candidate for James Bond, and can play hard and heartless rotters (see Closer), but here he is quiet and sad, with a sort of passivity. He lets his face relax into acceptance of his own bad fortune. Jennifer Aniston does that interesting thing of not being a stereotyped sexpot but being irresistibly intriguing. That works with a man like Charles. Happily married, in debt, worried about his daughter and his job, he would be impervious to a sexy slut."  
It's as if he read my mind!

Amy(Timlin) and her Father, Charles(Owen)

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