The Fugitive (1993)

When I was a little girl in California, mom loved to watch this TV series about Dr. Richard Kimble and it starred David Janssen(I later learned that we were watching reruns because the series ended in 1967 and I wasn't even born yet).  About twenty years later(1993), I was able to watch this movie starring Harrison Ford(one of my Hollywood crushes) and Tommy Lee Jones.  It was nail-gripping, nail-biting, exciting, et cetera.  Twenty-one years later(2014), I got the chance to watch this again, via Cinemax.

Directed byAndrew Davis
Produced byAnne Kopelson
Arnold Kopelson
Screenplay byJeb Stuart
David Twohy
Story byDavid Twohy
Based onThe Fugitive
by Roy Huggins
Trivia from Wikipedia:
Actor Harrison Ford was not originally cast for the role of Dr. Kimble.Instead, a number of actors were auditioned for the part, including Alec Baldwin, Nick Nolte, Kevin Costner, and Michael Douglas. Nolte in particular felt he was too old for the part even though he is only a year older than Ford. Although the role of Gerard went to actor Tommy Lee Jones, both Gene Hackman and Jon Voight were considered for the part. The character of Dr. Nichols was recast for actor Jeroen Krabbé after the original actor who won the role, Richard Jordan, fell ill and later died during the early phases of production.

There's something about this film that never gets old.  Maybe real life situations aren't as dramatic and action-packed as this one, but then again, truth is most of the time stranger than fiction...and yes, stranger things have happened in real life.

People still get framed-up, the innocent go to jail, lives get stolen, so much more.

Fortunately for Dr. Richard Kimble, he was able to get vindicated. How? I don't want to give spoilers(there are too many spoilers there in cyberspace including the Wikipedia page, so if you don't mind spoilers, just click this), but his journey as a fugitive was pretty exciting and scary at the same time.  

Joining him in this adventure is Deputy U.S. Marhal Samuel Gerard played by Jones.   I am not sure if this is the first movie that I respected Jones as an actor, but I'm very sure that this is one of them.  

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