The Contractor (2007)

Emily Day (Eliza Bennett)

Directed by Josef Rusnak

Written by Robert Foster
Story by Robert Katz
Starring Wesley Snipes

I'm not really a Wesley Snipes fan(Oh yeah?), but I've seen almost all his films because when I'm stumped or couldn't sleep I turn on the TV and more often than not, I usually find one of his movies "on air".  I either watch it or just let it "play" because of the "much needed" noise.

There was one movie that I liked that had him as one of the stars.  It's called TO WONG FOO, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, JULIE NEWMAR.  He was so beautiful there. (LOL)

Anyways, I've got to stop digressing.

This movie, THE CONTRACTOR, is sort of an endearing movie because of the friendship of Emily and James.  I like movies like that.  Clean friendship between a child and an older person.  In this world filled with all the sordid mundane elements, it's refreshing to find goodness in the midst of all of it.  

The story is not really anything new, but... (yada, yada...twists and turns...different take on this...surprise ending...sorta)  

I've seen this about twice and I did not notice any sexy scenes, but it does have lots of violence and action.  Maybe, because of Eliza Hope Bennett's presence, the violence was not gory.  

This did not make much in the tills, but it's OK.

I am sure Mr. Snipes has made better films than this, but this is not bad.  Not bad at all.  

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