Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Beauty and The Beast (2014) La belle et la bête

Screenplay by Christophe Gans and Sandra Vo-Anh
Directed by Christophe Gans
Cinematography by Christophe Beaucarne
Music by Pierre Adenot
Starring: Vincent Cassel as The Beast
Léa Seydoux as Belle
André Dussollier as Belle's Father
Eduardo Noriega as Perducas
Yvonne Catterfeld as The Princess
Nicolas Gob as Maxime

It is no doubt that my favorite ever version is the one produced by Disney and for me, the others pale in comparison, including this one.  Still, this movie is worth watching.  The special effects are good along with the background music.  The actors are very convincing too and scenery is beautiful.  

I have nothing against Vincent Cassel.  He is a very good actor and during his heyday he was quite handsome and he still is, but for him to be the mysterious prince in Belle's dreams sort of removed me from my entranced state. Hmmm.  Coming to think of it, Belle should have been played by Yvonne Caterfeld and The Princess could have been Léa Seydoux. Well, that's just me.  For all it is worth, I still believe Seydoux and Cassel did justice to their respective roles.

There were a few things that bothered me here.  If The Prince really loved The Princess, why didn't he cover her when...? Why didn't The Beast make Belle fall in love with him instead of scaring her?  Were dreams enough to make Belle fall in love with him?

Anyways, this version is the closest to the original story, except for some adjustments made by the screenwriters and director(who is also one of the screenwriters). Of course, remakes have to have something new in them, right?  

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