Trophy Wife (2014) R-13 Movie(NOT the TV series)

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WRITTEN BY Keiko Aquino

The story, according to my mom, is nothing new, but the twists and turns were beautifully planned and crafted by the master storyteller, KEIKO AQUINO.  ANDOY RANAY, as always, did not disappoint.  Even if this project was not originally his, he did his best to try and make this film as perfect as possible.

There were a few goofs, but I don't think a lot of people noticed it.  I won't mention them, but see if you would notice them yourselves. If I were you, I would just relax and enjoy the movie.  

This is, according to her, Cristine Reyes' last sexy film and I know that a lot of guys would be disappointed, but we're praising God for it.  I'm sure, like Lorna Tolentino, Gina Alejar, Rita Avila and many others,  she would be noticed because of her talents and not because she needs to disrobe or something.

Heart Evangelista, maybe because of the stature of her beau or something,  was given milder scenes, but  sizzled, nonetheless. She's a natural, so she really doesn't need to bare more skin than needed.

Derek Ramsay, who has been very controversial for the past couple of years, did great.  He is a good actor and is very convincing.  John Estrada, who had roles similar to his role here in the past, was perfect as Sammy.  At first I thought they(he and Derek) would not be convincing as brothers, but when he was inside an SUV that was about to exit their estate, and when Lani(Cristine Reyes) mistook Sammy for Chino, I saw the resemblance.  Yes, Derek Ramsay and John Estrada were definitely the LEE BROTHERS alright.

The supporting cast, led by Luz Valdez, Jackie Lou Blanco, G Toengi and Jaime Fabregas, were chosen well.  Even the bit players did great.  I hope Dolly de Leon would get more roles with more lines in the future.  Well, she is very active in soap operas and on stage, but... She's one person who really puts her heart into whatever she does.  No role is too small for her.  


Would I watch this again?

Maybe not anytime soon, but I definitely will.  I will buy a legal copy the soonest it is out in the market.

It's a pretty exciting film and I love how the story ended.

An excerpt from The Philippine Star's Fun Fare by Ricky Lo:

Incidentally, Funfare also asked Elwood for clarification why he quit as director of the Viva movie Trophy Wife (starring Derek Ramsay, Cristine Reyes and Heart Evangelista).

“Mahirap naman mag-comment,” said Elwood who has been replaced by Andoy Ranay after shooting for 12 days, with 70 percent of the scenes discarded according to a Viva source (prompting Heart to say, “Sayang, I gave my all in those scenes”). “Mayroon silang sariling thrust which may be different from mine,” added Elwood who “owns” the title, the story and the concept which Viva is free to use.  Beyond that, Elwood was mum, perhaps knowing that his laurels don’t rest on one abortive project, thank heavens!

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