Monday, August 11, 2014

Erased (2012) a.k.a. THE EXPATRIATE

Rated R for Violence

Director: Philipp Stölzl
Writer: Arash Amel
Stars: Aaron Eckhart, Nick Alachiotis, Liana Liberato, Yassine Fadel, Olga Kurylenko, Garrick Hagon and David Bark-Jones

Liana Liberato has been appearing in a lot of psychologically damaging roles in the past and her role as Amy Logan is the mildest, in my opinion, among those types of roles.

She is a very good actor and I don't know how she could play everything so convincingly at a very young age.  She was sixteen when she filmed this with Aaron Eckhart and almost seventeen when this was released.  

The script that the critics lambasted as unoriginal and a hodgepodge threadbare of motifs, is actually pretty exciting.  Yes, yes, I agree, the story is somewhat old, but hey.  In fashion, old styles become new trends with a little rehashing.  The Man of Steel has been rebooted several times and locally, Darna and Dyesebel have multiple personalities.

Copycats and plagiarists are those who copy/mimic each scene created by another and claim it as their own.

Why do you think movies have to have this disclaimer: 


It simply means that there are times that life imitates art and vise-versa.  There are things happening to someone else that you can relate to.

Sure, there were better movies than this one, but this wasn't such a terrible film.  


Liana Liberato @

In the international thriller Erased, ex-cia agent Ben Logan (Aaron Eckhart) discovers that he and his teenaged daughter (Liana Liberato) have been marked for termination as part of a wide-reaching conspiracy that he unknowingly ended up right in the middle of. Logan must outsmart their hunters and uncover the truth, all while still getting reacquainted with the daughter he hasn’t had much of a relationship with in years. At the film’s press day, actress Liana Liberatospoke to Collider for this exclusive interview about how she came to be a part of the film, why she related to her character, being able to get involved with the action, and the experience of shooting in Montreal and Brussels.  She also talked about her upcoming projects Stuck in Loveand Haunt, doing a comedy, her desire to play a superhero in a comic book movie, and her love of screenwriting. »

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