Friday, August 1, 2014

Taking Chance (2009)

LtCol Mike Strobl(Kevin Bacon): If I'm not over there, what am I? Those guys, guys like Chance... they're Marines.

Charlie Fitts(Tom Aldredge): And you think you're not? Want to be with your family every night - you think you have to justify that? You'd better stop right there, sir. You've brought Chance home. You're his witness now. Without a witness, they just disappear.

Directed by Ross Katz
Written by LtCol Michael Strobl and Ross Katz 

I had a chance of watching this film today because I am ill.  When I woke up with a fever, I started crying.  I guess it's because I miss someone terribly that  I couldn't do my work and I could not even go out with my folks.

When I was feeling a tad better, I started channel surfing.  Thank goodness, TAKING CHANCE was about to start.

Taking Chance? Huh? 

For some darn reason, I didn't change the channel.  I guess I was curious and thankfully, this time curiosity didn't kill the cat. :-p

A few minutes later I learned the reason.  There was no mistake.  The title was meant that way and later, towards the end of the film, you would see that the main character scribbling it down.

The movie will let us journey with Lt. Col. Michael Strobl of the U.S. Marines who once was a part of the Operation Desert Storm in Kuwait turned Strategic Analyst of the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia.  He gave the fallen PFC Chance Phelps a dignified trip home.

He did not know the young soldier personally, but he would learn later how special he was to his family, friends and his fellow soldiers.

I am so blessed to be able to watch this critically acclaimed film.  It's not the usual movie I would watch in a theater, but I'm glad that I gave this movie a chance.

Favorite lines:

The ones under the poster and...

LtCol Mike Strobl: [Noticing Annie(Sarah Thompson) had typed "HOT soldier" into her phone] Actually, it's Marine.  ;-)



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