My Weeknight Habit (GMA 7)

Whenever I can't be home on time or whatever, I go to this website to watch the replays:

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#requel (Retelling and a sequel)



This fantaseries jumpstarts my evening.  Even if it is a fantaseries, their problems about family and other relationships are real.  I love the costumes and the special effects.  There are a few "Why did that have to happen?", but most of the time, everything's just so exciting.  I know this is going to end soon.  I thought I wouldn't like this re-imagining of the series because I loved the original, but I am glad that I was wrong.  I have "separation anxiety" with this series(hehehehe) because it is going to break my weeknight habit. I am grateful that "they" brought back Hagorn, as played by one of my favorite actors, Mr. John Arcilla, before the series would bid us adieu.  

Zoren Legaspi as Emre and Ian De Leon as Keros are welcome additions to the cast along with the ones who "arrived" earlier than them like Eula Valdez(Hara Avria), Marx Topacio(Azulan), Inah/Ina De Belen Estrada(Luna/Deshna), Joross Gamboa(Rehav Manik), Arra San Agustin(reincarnation of Amihan/Ariana), Phytos Ramirez(Binatang Ligaw/Paolo/Teenage Paopao) and Jake Vargas(Gilas).

Ruru Madrid is amazing as Ybarro/Rama Ybrahim.  Even at a very young age of nineteen he is VERY believable as the father of Lira(Mikee Quintos) and Kahlil(Avery Paraiso).

Oh, I love everyone and if I praise everyone this blog entry would be too long.

I am sad that Mira(Kate Valdez) had to die that way and am still hoping that along with Lira, Gilas and Wahid(Andre Paras), they would still resurrect or something or be summoned from the "portal of the past" where Hara Avria got her legions of soldiers.  

There was one episode that baffled me.  How come Hara Pirena's powerful "brillante" did not recognize the real Hara Danaya or the Real Hara Avria? I just told myself maybe it was another play on words or something. Even my little goddaughter said that like a dog, it should have recognized the fake from the genuine.  Oh well. 


Oh, by the way, I like the fact that Bathalang Emre prays to the Highest God/Almighty God(that explains a lot). ;-)



There is an undeniable chemistry between these two and both are good actors, but a lot of people are noticing how natural Maine Mendoza is.

We love the whole ensemble.  I'm not sure if this is the first time I saw Ms. Feleo play the antagonist(an arsonist/mastermind of crime), but she's really good at it.  Even if she has the genes of both Johnny Delgado and Ms. Laurice Guillen,  she is promoting "her own brand" so to speak.

There are OA scenes, but it's OK.  It lightens the mood.



I won't say much about this series that we enjoy so much and my only real complaint is the "not wearing hairnets" inside the kitchen(well, the kitchen staff do, but the rest of the people coming and going don't). The Bendiolas are all naturals, especially Sev Cadayona.  

My favorite among the four leading men is Ken Chan(Yuan).  I just pray that he would get out of the DESTINY ROSE shell because sometimes there are glimpses of "her" in Yuan.  Yuan may be stern, but he does not need to be stiff.  Please loosen up dear Ken Chan.  I want your character to end up with Billie.  Sometimes they do a survey and I also did mine.  So far Ethan is winning. 

A lot of people are hooked. I know there are lots of bashers, but who cares?  

Hmmm...will there be a fifth one?  Catriona Gray's beau, Clint Bondad, perhaps?  :-)  


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