#Loisa18 : A birthday concert

From ASAP's FB page as posted on Loisa Andalio's wall
(she looks like a young Sheryl Cruz and Lovi Poe combined
"Talented Darling ng Parañaque"
Before anything else, I'm NOT a basher.  I believe in this young lady's talents in acting, singing, dancing and modelling(TV ads/Print Ads etc.), but watching this concert was sort of a last minute thing and something we did not imagine to do.

We were going somewhere somewhat near Greenhills so dad made me search plays, concerts or whatever there was or wherever. My first choice was not my dad's cup of tea and he felt that the tickets were so expensive.  My second choice did not have a play in season.  My third option, not really a choice, was too wild for us, et cetera, et cetera.

"Please check Music Museum..."

So I did.  

"Loisa Andalio has a birthday concert, dada."

"Is she any good?"

"Yes, I believe so."

Since dad could not recall who she was we watched her youtube production numbers and what convinced dad was her duet with Joshua Garcia.  

"OK, let's support this budding young artist on her 18th birthday."

For a first major concert, we think she did good(she made her fans very, very happy and ecstatic), but maybe if she added more ballads, she would have done better. 

The standee near the stairway to Music Museum

She is blessed because even if this is only her 3rd year in showbiz, she has lots of followers who love her and are ready to fight for her.  

When we arrived at the Music Museum to get our tickets, everyone was looking at us strangely.  They couldn't believe that two senior citizens and someone like me was going to watch her concert. 

The teenagers who were all sitting on the stairway probably thought we were lost.  Even the guard thought so too. 

"Anong ginagawa ng mga batang ito dito?" 
"May concert po sa taas."

("What are these kids doing here?"  "There's a concert upstairs.")

Seeing that my dad was about to climb the stairs...

"Saan po kayo pupunta?"

("Where are you going?)

"Bibili ng tickets."

("Off to buy tickets.")

The guard was left speechless.

Our tickets
When the ones near the ticketing booth/box office saw us purchase tickets they asked dad if Loisa was his idol.  Dad said, "I don't even know her, but I heard her sing..." "Narinig niya yung duet ni Loisa at Joshua..." Oops.  We were talking to the LoiNie group.  Oh no. LOL. 

Oh, I forgot to tell you that when the lady at the ticketing booth asked us what tickets were we going to purchase she was quite shocked we weren't there to buy tickets for Jaya's concert this May. :-p


The concert started on time with MOR's DJ Eva Ronda.  She gave away prizes from the major sponsors(question and answer format).   I think Loisa was really nervous because we noticed someone signalling the DJ to ask more questions with obvious answers before 8:30 PM.  It was quite understandable.  It was her first major concert, for heaven's sake.

The opening number

She started fine, thank goodness, but there was a part there where we thought she was going to do an aerial number(well, it looked like it) or something, but she didn't. Dad even had his camera(mobile phone) ready pa naman.  We were a tad disappointed she didn't do an aerial only because it looked like she was prepping for it, but she "survived" her number.  Anyways, it's better to be safe than sorry.  Without the aerial, the scene/number reminded me of Disney's Cinderella(the animated version) when her animal friends were sewing a dress for her.  That's how beautiful she is.


The best numbers were the ones with Ms. Yeng Constatino, her duet with her dad, her dance with the hashtags(I kept wishing my nephew, Hashtag_Franco, would appear because I didn't see the poster above before downloading it for this blog entry) and Ronnie Alonte's number.

Maris Racal sharing to Loisa and the crowd her birthday message

Her best friend in showbiz, Maris Racal, sang Rhianna's Umbrella(I forgot to include this in my blog entry about umbrellas and Janella and Elmo's Closeup Toothpaste TV ad) with her.  It was a cute number. 

Duet with Ms. Yeng Constantino
Dad's favorite part was the one with Ms. Constantino.  It's a good thing she was there because he almost regretted buying tickets for all of us because he was complaining because he thinks Loisa sounded better on video(Mom said after the concert that he was just exaggerating...he actually enjoyed the concert as a whole, but really thanked his lucky stars Ms. Constantino was there---I reiterate, we were clueless who her guests were going to be because we just checked the schedule and didn't see the poster---after checking the schedule we checked  a few of her youtube performances and posts)

Before the duet he was saying, "Sayang(it's a pity---not the Bahasa word)...she should have more slow songs than fast ones." (May I add that he also thinks she's also good singing fast songs, he just thinks her vocal prowess would excel with slower songs?)

"She's just nervous, dada...She's speaking too fast...she probably has butterflies in her stomach.  Besides, she hates being late and the concert did start on time except that..."
with her Papa Leo

Thankfully he got touched with the Father-Daugher duet(in lieu of a Father-Daughter dance) even before her number with Yeng(my memory's hazy...yes, it happened first).  So Loisa got her singing abilities from her dad, we surmised, while listening to them sing "I'll Be".  Even if he was obviously nervous(Loisa said they knew this number quite well-kahit nakapikit(even with eyes closed)- so I searched the net for something that would prove her claim and found one posted almost three years ago, he looked like a very loving dad and he sounded well.  I think he should be in the movies too or something. 
For the fans the highlight of the concert was when Ronnie Alonte appeared as a "surprise" guest.  This young man knows he's good looking(BTW, he's more handsome in person) and talented, according to the guy seated behind me.

Loisa's birthday cake
(one of them)

Again, she should have had more ballads or sweet love songs

Two products that she is endorsing that I purchase from time to time(I use other brands too):

My birthday message to the debutante:
All the best to you, Loisa and belated happy birthday!  I repeat, I am not bashing you.  We, my parents and I, are just saying that we believe you could do much, much better than that, but no worries, you did well.  Besides, you've practically just started and you were probably just nervous.  I am amazed that you already have a large following as early as now.  I'm sure there'll be more out there soon. Just continue honing your craft.  You are beautiful, very talented  and I heard, very down-to-earth.  May you always keep your feet on the ground.  May God bless you, your family and all your endeavors more and more. Don't forget to pay it forward.  Cheers!


Some of the other photos:

This was when dad was convinced that Loisa really holds promise

3 Lovely fans with DJ Eva Ronda #EverBilena

The one who would be able to say "Ever Bilena" the longest wins

 Everyone was expecting "Ganda" to win (shortest ever...2 seconds---natatawa kasi siya, but she could've won)
Ever supportive fans
Yes, this concert was truly a success.  Di nilangaw.


 Ready, get set, go!

Loisa's showbiz best friend, Maris Racal

Duet with Ms. Yeng Constantino

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