Saturday, April 22, 2017

My second time to watch Monster-in-Law (2005) PG

Charlotte (Jennifer Lopez) is smitten when she meets Dr. Kevin Fields (Michael Vartan). So when Kevin pops the question after they start dating, Charlotte happily accepts. But she soon realizes that Kevin's mom, Viola (Jane Fonda), is not quite thrilled to have a new family member. Viola, a newscaster, has just lost her job and is feeling rather attached to Kevin, so she regards Charlotte as her new competition -- and will apparently do anything to make her son call off the wedding.
Release dateMay 13, 2005 (USA)
   Original Score:  David Newman
   Written by: Anya Kochoff 

Never say never.  Why?  Because after watching this film for the first time more than a decade ago said to more than one person, including myself, that I would never watch this again.  I enjoyed the film, but I thought once was enough. 

I was a bit tired so when my dad announced he was going to go to the "office"(working while having coffee or tea) somewhere near the vicinity, I stayed inside our home office and watched TV.  I saw that MONSTER-IN-LAW was about to start. I thought to myself that if I remember the first ten minutes, I'll change the channel.  Oh my goodness.  Except for Michael Vartan's smile and J Lo walking the dogs, everything seemed new to me, so it was like watching it for the first time.

This was a box office hit even if it was not critically acclaimed because even with crazy things that happened, it's a very enjoyable movie(dramedy/farce/romance).

Would I watch it again?  

For now, watching it for the second time would suffice.


Jane Fonda as Viola Fields
Jennifer Lopez as Charlotte "Charlie" Cantilini Fields
Michael Vartan as Dr. Kevin Fields
Wanda Sykes as Ruby
Adam Scott as Remy
Monet Mazur as Fiona
Annie Parisse as Morgan
Will Arnett as Kit
Elaine Stritch as Gertrude Fields

Stephen Dunham as Dr. Paul Chamberlain


  • Allergies can be lethal (never take them lightly)
  • If you can't beat them, join them
  • Even bullies have stories of their own
  • Not all Mama's boys are bad
  • Don't be too attached to people and things
  • Dogs are good actors
  • Don't stereotype people

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