Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ma' Rosa (R16)

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This is the movie that gave the first acting recognition at the Cannes Film Festival(a.k.a Festival de Cannes/The International Film Festival) to Ms. Jaclyn Jose, one of the best in our Local Film Industry.

Of course, we wanted to see what made "them" recognize her. So this is my two cents worth:  Ms. Jose's famous underacting is really laudable and it proves that she is really a multifaceted person.  Still, I must say that she has played many other roles of international caliber, meaning, even better than how she acted in Ma' Rosa.

Ms. Jaclyn Jose and her co-stars are brilliant.  The story? It's the harsh reality happening in the poverty stricken society, but it could have been...I will let the "critics" do the talking

I just have a few comments:

*Non-commercial? I get that this is not the type of film people would make a box office success(no love teams or whatever else that would brand this as "commercial"), but there were lots of ads in this film.

*There were things people in the cinema noticed.  There were many times the names of Jackson and Kerwin were interchanged...Jomar too, but of course, it could be overlooked.  That's under the editing department.

Hey.  I don't have the right to criticize a film that is internationally and critically acclaimed.  Besides, those are just minor "issues".

*There were many scenes with long walks and probably there's a bigger meaning hidden in those scenes, but honestly, we didn't understand some of them.  Maybe the others understood it anyway, so it's OK.

While I was watching this film the thoughts playing in my head were the many extra judicial killings of vigilantes and the "legal" killings made by the present PNP.  If these things were happening before the present administration, what more today?  What if we couldn't differentiate the scallawags from those who are just doing their jobs? 

Oh well, I will just hope and pray that everything will turn out alright and they would really clear the streets of crime and would truly vanquish corruption.

*I liked the fact that it wasn't "too" predictable

*Ms. Jose's best acting in this film, for me and my family,  was just a little before the ending.

I won't say anything more.

The police here are worse than the drug dealers
Ma' Rosa is a 2016 Filipino drama film directed by Brillante Mendoza. It was selected to compete for the Palme d'Or at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. At Cannes, Jaclyn Jose won the award for Best Actress. Wikipedia
Initial releaseMay 2016

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