Friday, July 15, 2016

Curtains Up (2016) Starring MiG Ayesa and Tanya Manalang

Thunder and lightning could not stop my Bestie and me from watching this show.  My family already had plans of watching this concert at the Music Museum, to support one of the composers featured, but I saw someone post about this before I purchased the tickets.  Since we were really bent on supporting that other concert, the deal was to find someone who was willing to watch CURTAINS UP with me and that person should be someone the family trusted and would be willing to fetch and drive me there(if that person's car was not available, that person should be willing to drive our car).  If I find that one(1) person, then I could watch Curtains Up.  

Thankfully, my ever-so-busy Bestest Friend, Eise, who is also a music lover, among other things, like me, was willing to watch it with me.  She was on her way to Boracay, but she would be back a day and 1/2 before the concert.

So I purchased the tickets for both concerts.  Three for my family and two for Bestie and me.

Instant 3-in-One @ The Music Museum

2 tickets for me and my Bestie

Our primary reason was to watch MiG AYESA, whom we both admire, and of course, Ms. LEA SALONGA. I saw TANYA MANALANG more than a couple of times on TV, but since she was still very nervous(sometimes people who perform on stage perform better when strangers watch them) in promoting herself, I wasn't that impressed...yet. Oh I have just realized that I've seen her as Liesl Von Trapp too, but she was so young then...about fifteen or sixteen, just right for Liesl's age. So I wondered if...

Lo and behold, when the night arrived, this diminutive person proved that she is worthy of watching!  Her voice is very powerful and her range is so wide. She could go deeper than the ocean and as high as the sky. I believe she could sing any genre. 

Yes, she was still very nervous.  Maybe performing at the West End as an alternate for the lead role of Kim is different than performing on Philippine soil, where sadly, sometimes the crowd is not too appreciative. Still, she wowed the crowd.  My Bestie was nervous when I told her after the concert that she shouldn't be nervous because she is filled with so much talent. My Bestie said she might think that I rained on her parade,  Well, I don't think so and I hope not because I meant well.  I was paying her a compliment, for heavens sake.  Besides, I was smiling.  I don't blame my Bestie. She is just protective of me because she doesn't like me to rub people the wrong way...again.  :-p  because "I'm me".  Anyways, Tanya, if you would get the chance to read this, I reiterate, I was only paying you a compliment.  You are indeed a very talented young lady and your star deserves to shine the brightest.  According to your Tita Valerie, whom I met minutes before the concert, you are really a very humble person and prayerful at that. Keep it up. May God bless you more and more.

It's a pity for those who missed their opportunity to watch this concert that was conceptualized and directed by THE FREDDIE SANTOS.  They missed the chance of watching multi-talented people like the two stars, THE OPERA(I love favorite performance of theirs is their version of THE AGE AQUARIUS from HAIR) and of course, Ms. Lea Salonga, who was blessed to hear Tanya's beautiful voice as a little girl wafting through the walls of their house in Quezon City. Now that she is all grown up(about twenty years old) and even played the role of Kim at the West End for two(2) years, she is very happy for Tanya, who is extra blessed because she has the support and love of her family and friends. 

I guess, besides singing, that is what Tanya and MiG have in common.  The love and support of family and friends.  That means that besides being multifaceted, they are also goodhearted people.

Wait, I am forgetting something...ah, yes, of course, besides the hardworking marketing and production teams, the sponsors and the like, we should give a standing ovation to the MANILA PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA as conducted by THE MAESTRO RODEL COLMENAR. They enhanced the already beautiful voices of the performers and made the already familiar songs truly unforgettable.

A few examples are:

The soothing, resonant and beautiful voice of Tanya as she sang THE BAKER'S WIFE'S MEADOWLARK, became...what's the word?  Noticed?  Noticeable? No, that's not what I am driving at.  Ah...well, her voice was floating and the music made us, for lack of a better term at the moment, aware of her singing prowess.

...and even if I love all the performances of the evening, who could forget MiG Ayesa's rendition of TATLONG BIBE and his own version of my favorite song, SANA'Y MAGHINTAY ANG WALANG HANGGAN from BITUING WALANG NINGNING will now forever be stuck inside my head. ;-) Yes, MPO, you truly made those performances extra special.  :-)  I think I must clarify that I am not being sarcastic here.  I mean it.

Here are some of our photographs:

This "fan girl" is so excited

Ever grateful to my Bestie

MiG playing the keyboard while singing the mash up of I HONESTLY LOVE YOU and BABY I LOVE YOUR WAY (Geesh, if I knew we could take pictures as long as we don't camcord the show, then I would've brought my DSLR)

The theater's seating capacity is about 1,500.  There were a few hundred seats empty, but I believe we were still, at the very least, a thousand.

Since we thought we wouldn't see the stars anymore, we looked for at least a standee. We went around RWM, then found this on the second floor

Thank goodness, we were mistaken:

With Direk Freddie Santos

With my crush since...forever


Yours truly, Bestie Eise, Tanya M and Bambi G

Here are some of the links about their concert promotions etc.:

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Tanya's version of Defying Gravity(Wicked)

Tanya's version of Meadowlark(The Baker's Wife)

Kudos to everyone involved in this production.  Blessings and cheers!

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