Thursday, July 14, 2016

Imagine You and Me (G) 2016

Che bella!
It's true.  I am one of those who love the AlDub tandem, though I must say that I'm a late bloomer.  I didn't jump the bandwagon all at once.  It took time for me to appreciate these two young artists as a pair, but they "grew on me".

Even if I love them, I was so out of the loop for the longest time that when one of my closest friends invited me and another of my closest friends to watch #IYAM, I never imagined I would like it so much...that WE would like is so much.

The quality of the film is of International Caliber.  Only a portion of the film was shot in the Philippines, but even if almost the whole movie was set in Italy, the story captures the hearts of Global Filipinos anywhere in the world(yes, it seems redundant, but...).

Judging from the posts of my other friends, every cinema was jam-packed.  It was not the case at the Director's Club Cinema 1, SM BF, so I hope this blog entry would be able to raise some awareness that this movie is indeed worth watching.  It was not made in a namby-pamby quality.  It was beautifully written, the actors acted well, the lines were witty, there was a balance of drama and humor, plus the scenes were great.  

To those who are wondering, Verona is about 2 to 3 to almost 4 hours away from Como, depending on the traffic and mode of transportation or the route you take.  They are from different regions.  Verona is located at the Veneto region and Como can be found at the Lombardy region.  I am glad that they featured these places.  Between the two, Verona is more popular because of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.  It was also recently featured in Letters to Juliet.

Kudos to the great director, Michael Tuviera, for doing an almost seamless job, if not seamless(well, it's perfect enough for me and my friends), to Candy Reyes-Alipio for a great production design(I think the biking scenes were her idea) and of course, to Maine and Alden plus Ms. Irma Adlawan, Cai Cortez, Kakai Bautista, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and the rest of the cast and crew, for doing your jobs well. 

I love the way the story went up and down...made us laugh and cry...made us...

A friend of mine said it was a bit slow paced. Maybe so,  but it was(is) still better than we expected it to be. 

It even made me miss Italy. Sigh. 

Props to the screenwriters and conceptualizers, Renato Custodio and Alfred Aloysius L. Adlawan.  They deserve to be recognized too.

I still have a "hangover".

I want to say more, but this is getting to be too long already.

I will surely watch this again soon!  

Oh, may I say that the way the Filipinos spoke in Italian in this movie was so natural?  Yes.  They surely did sound like locals, most especially Ms. Adlawan.

Per te 
All my life I was dreaming
All my life I was searching
All my life I was seeking
For someone I can truly call my own
Then you arrived all of a sudden
Without a warning it was you that I saw
Without a warning it was you who came
You came right when I did not know what to say

Chorus 1:
It would be nice to have you in my life
Would there be a chance for you to give it a try
It would be the best day of our lives
Imagine you and me, together eternally

You could have been lost but here you are saved
Don’t you ever go astray
What I would give to make you feel okay
I would gladly give it all away

Repeat chorus 1
And I hope you see that
I would love to love you
Imagine you and me

Chorus 2:
I have waited my whole life just to meet you
And now that you are here I don’t think I could lose you
This would be the best day of our lives
Imagine you and me, together eternally

Imagine you and me, together eternally
Written by: Maine Mendoza
Music by: Marvic Sotto
Musical Arrangement by: Jimmy Antiporda
Performed by: Maine Mendoza

From Wikipedia:

Main Cast

Supporting Cast

  • Jasmine Curtis-Smith as Clarissa (she is getting better and better)
  • Irma Adlawan (speechless)Tita Teri
  • Yayo Aguila as Gara's mom
  • William Martinez as Gara's dad
  • Luis Alandy as Gara's big brother
  • Elijah Alejo She's a big girl now, but I've admired her acting style since she was younger
  • Cacai Bautista as Winona (she's ever so funny and witty)
  • Jerald Napoles' role was short, but vital, nonetheless
  • Cai Cortez as Vangie (Quoting songs are not new, but the way she delivered the lines was uniquely hers...she's definitely more than her father's daughter)

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