Monday, January 25, 2016

The Big Short (R 13) 2015

Director: Adam McKay
Running time: 2h 10m
Box office: 54 million USD
Screenplay: Adam McKay, Charles Randolph

We've been duped!  We've been duped perhaps even before we were born.  I've been invited to be a financial adviser by several companies, but I know that this is not my line of expertise plus taxation(and everything connected to it) has always been my Waterloo.  This movie sort of  made me appreciate that world and I love the way everything was presented.  Yes, they fictionalized some parts, but most of the movie was based on facts.  They added humor to everything and they used celebrities to make those facts easier to understand.  

Christian Bale even got the mannerisms of Dr. Mike Burry(who is actually more handsome in real life---when smiling and not compared to the picture in the article--- compared to how the "makeup artists" made Christian Bale look like).

I love the way Marisa Tomei played Cynthia Baum.  Steve Carell gave life to Steve Eisman(Mark Baum in the movie) and I could go on and on an on about how everyone did great.


I thank my friend for allowing me to quote him verbatim:
I really like the movie!
Witty and light movie for Economics and Finance People
Educational for those who want to learn more on Financial Markets
The powerhouse casts and special appearances are just bonuses
smile emoticon
Obviously, I agree with him.

I would most likely buy the book to be more enlightened.  

During secondary school I pretended not to be nerd, but when I became older, even if there are gazillions who are definitely smarter than me, I decided not to pretend to be dumb anymore.  Why should I pretend to be dumb just to get some guy? Some guys prefer smart women anyway.  

I admire the real people who tried to beat the system.  It is very disheartening that we are still being duped until now, but at least we are now somehow aware of it.

We kept laughing because of the funny moments in the film, but it's a very serious matter.  Who among us realized that we were probably laughing at ourselves? ...and yes, they continue to blame to immigrants and the poor people.

While you still can, please go watch THE BIG SHORT.  I assure you that your time won't be wasted.  

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