Alvin and the Chipmunks 4: The ROAD CHIP movie (Fast and Furry-ous) G

In a NUTshell: Entertaining.  Nothing really new, but there was no dead air.  We were laughing all the way(except for a few dramatic parts).

The thing that "enhanced" our enjoyment was where we watched it.  We watched this at the Newport Cinemas-Resorts World Manila.  It has a lounge where moviegoers could wait.  There's free popcorn and great service.  The theater is beautiful and clean.  The sound system is great and once in a while, moviegoers could even win something.


Voice cast

I wasn't able to take good pictures, but I could describe the place as one of the best theaters in the Philippines, at the very least.  :-)

Note:  We were supposed to watch THE BIG SHORT, but we were only two.  They had a minimum of five pax for the theater it was shown. 

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