Make Your Move (2013)

This is the United States theatrical release poster for the film Make Your Move 3D.
Star-crossed lovers become embroiled in the bitter rivalry between their brothers' underground dance clubs. -WWW
Initial release8 August 2013 (Russia)

How do you make a dance flick unique and interesting when there are many predecessors ahead of it?  It's hard, I know.  I almost did not watch this because I thought it was not worth my time.  The story is somehow like the rest, but it does have something to offer.  The intense dance steps and the chemistry between Derek and BoA can be seen on the big screen and it can be felt too.  


I admire both Derek and BoA and I hope they would have more projects together. They jell.  


I guess that's that.  I enjoyed the movie and finished it.  It may not be the best dance flick ever, but it surely is worth one's time.   ;-) Well, what do you know? I still have a hangover!  Aaaaaah. 


Written and Directed byDuane Adler

Added more than two years later:

The dance scene above gave me goosebumps
Derek is not only a great dancer, great performer and a good actor, he is a very talented composer and singer too
Oh my goodness!
Drum and Dance

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