Friday, January 8, 2016

All You Need is PAG-IBIG (2015)

Cinema 9, Festival Supermall

This MMFF 2015 is filled with controversies so I wasn't really so keen on seeing the entries much, except for HONOR THY FATHER, #WALANGFOREVER and My BEBE Love #KiligPaMore.  Because of the (seemingly) unfair treatment of the MMFF peeps to #HonorThyFatherakaConMan, I opted to watch this first, unfortunately it wasn't available immediately in cinemas nearby... anyways, let's focus on #AllYouNeedIsPAGIBIG.

We never expected to like this film.  For us, it was just a smorgasbord type of movie with too many people in it.  From start to finish we were able to enjoy it.  It's a good thing(sorry Bistek)that Derek Ramsay took over Herbert Bautista's role because I couldn't imagine it otherwise. Kris and Derek really have good rapport. 

Kris' son, Bimby acted well. Despite and in spite of Kris' reputation, I think she brought him up well.

KimXi fans would not be disappointed, most especially with the scenes shot in the majestically beautiful Coron, Palawan(the same place where Kris and Derek's roles first get connected).  Their "formula" is old, but I like the twists.  It is also great to be reminded that whatever happens in our lives, we cannot point fingers, especially if we have the power to decide what direction our lives would.

My favorite couple in this movie is the tandem of Nova Villa and Ronaldo Valdez. They have been together for decades and have already married off their youngest daughter.  They seemed to have lost the fire of their love already, but...

It's great to meet Talia and Julia.  They have every right to be in this movie not only because they are grandkids of Charo Santos Concio, but because despite their ages, they, for lack of a better term, are naturals.

The supporting characters were chosen well and delivered! Pokwang did well too. Jodi and Ian were believable, but I hope Jodi would be able to get more sleep because there were scenes where looked older than Ian, but she still looked pretty anyway.

I will try(maybe or maybe not) to improve this later.  My dad just got discharged from the urgent care unit of the emergency department of Asian Hospital...

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