Friday, January 1, 2016

Honor Thy Father (2015)

Alabang Town Center, Cinema 4
New Year's Day

My two cents worth: You really cannot compare #WalangForever to this film because they belong to two different genres.  Though debatable, I could understand why #WalangForever won.  Jennylyn and Jericho were naturals and the story was so beautiful.  Still, what they did to HONOR THY FATHER was unfair.  They were the ones who gave the invitation for this film to join the MMFF.  They should have given it a chance to be judged fairly.  Instead, they looked for loopholes.  If it were really disqualified, how come they were qualified for other categories? Tsk, tsk, tsk to the nth power! 


To the chagrin of the other moviegoers who were too stunned because of the situation, my folks and I clapped when the film ended(Everyone applauded when I watched Heneral Luna, so no one looked at me like I was crazy or something).  Besides the great acting and the moving story, it was more because of relief because I could not stand the excruciating pain the characters were undergoing, most especially the lead characters, Edgar and Kaye.  Their daughter, Angel, was not spared of the ignominy that was meant for her parents.

Krystal Brimner was very laudable here.  She acted like she was born to be an actor.  There were no signs that she was Krystal.  She was definitely Angel.  Her face looked pure and to be handpicked to portray the role of "Mama Mary" in a school play was justified. She really is a thespian and I am sure, if given a chance, she would be a big star one day.  I just hope she keeps her feet on the ground.


Meryll Soriano started young like Krystal.  Maybe she is not considered a big star(she should be), but she never disappoints.  She hones her craft, internalizes, studies/researches and so much more so she could be her character.  She was such a natural as Kaye that I felt her joys and pains. Meryll should be given more projects that would make her star shine.  She doesn't care if she is deglamorized or if she looks like a prima donna because she could play any role, so please consider giving her bigger roles.  Although I love Jennylyn in #WalangForever, for me, Mary Rosalind Soriano Revillame is the best actress of the festival. 


I heard from the grapevine that this project was intended to be given to Dingdong Dantes and even if I admire the handsome and talented actor, I think that this role is tailor-made for John Lloyd Cruz.  I couldn't imagine anybody else playing the role of the very torn Edgar/Egay.  Edgar wanted to change, but...

My friends who have seen this film noticed it was a consolidation of sorts:  The INC fiasco, get rich quick scams, using God to make money, graft, corruption, extreme poverty, family and so much more.

A lot of scenes were very real to me, especially the abuse of power, extreme poverty and helplessness. 

The story is well written and it was well-directed.  For me, it surely qualifies to be considered as the best picture of the MMFF 2015.
Honor Thy Father (Con Man): Movie Review

Directed byErik Matti
Produced by

John Lloyd Cruz
Dondon Monteverde
Erik Matti
Tess V. Fuentes
Stacey Bascon
Screenplay by
Michiko Yamamoto
Story byMichiko Yamamoto
 Erik Matti

  • John Lloyd Cruz as Edgar/Egay= Perfect for the role
  • Meryll Soriano as Kaye=  is a great actor...she should be given more roles that would make her star shine
  • Dan Fernandez as Egay's brother= never disappoints
  • Tirso Cruz III as Bishop Tony = deserves the accolades
  • Perla Bautista as Nanang =her role was short, but very vital
  • Yayo Aguila as Jessica = she did well here
  • Khalil Ramos as Emil =I could see his name in lights 
  • William Martinez as Pastor Obet =Mom and dad did not recognize him.  This is what they said, "Yung tumulong sa kanya...yung Pastor Obet, magaling na artista." (The one who helped him(Egay) is a great actor.)  My reply, "Mom, dad, that's William Martinez!" 
  • Lander Vera Perez as a Congressman (Jessica's husband)/ COYS Parishioner= He was so good here that I wanted to kick him(thoughts beyond that would be sinful)
  • Boom Labrusca as Egay's brother= a versatile actor
  • Krystal Brimner as Angel= Wow!  Kudos, little one. 
  • Dalin Sarmiento as Liza = is a very good actor.  She deserves to be respected.   

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