The Girl (2012) via HBO

Growing up with so much respect for THE GREAT Alfred Hitchcock, I will treat this film as a work of fiction and would judge it by how the actors portrayed their roles.  Maybe, just maybe, the accounts except the dates are true.  The master is dead and he would not be able to defend himself, but I read some accounts corroborating with how Gwyneth Huges described him.  Only the people involved would really know what really happened.

  • The Girl
    2012 Film

  • The Girl is a 2012 British television film directed by Julian Jarrold, written by Gwyneth Hughes and produced by the BBC and HBO Films. The film stars Sienna Miller as Tippi Hedren and Toby Jones as Alfred Hitchcock.Wikipedia

  • Initial releaseOctober 20, 2012

  • GenresBiographical film, Drama

  • NetworksBBC Two, HBO

  • THE GIRL is a fictionalized story about Alfred Hitchcock's obsession with Melanie Griffith's mother, Tippi Hendren.

    Sienna Miller, who played Tippi in the HBO movie, delivered what the screenwriter and director wanted to convey.  I felt her agony and at the same time, I admired her strength.  

    Toby Jones who played the role of Alfred Hitchcock, was very convincing.  I wanted to throw stones at him, if only HD flat screen TVs weren't so expensive. 

    The way they portrayed their roles would make one hate the genius and admire Ms. Hendren's resilience.

    At any rate, whether you want to believe the movie or not, the story was well-weaved, with some problems with the timeline and certain goofs.  It is worth watching, but before you judge the master of suspense immediately, study his life more and read about what the others say about him.

    In October 2012 Hedren said although she believed the film accurately portrays Hitchcock's negative behaviour towards her, the time constraints of a 90-minute film prevented telling the entire story of her career with him. She told television critic Rob Salem, "It wasn't a constant barrage of harassment. If it had been constantly the way we have had to do it in this film, I would have been long gone".[36]-Wikipedia

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