Monday, March 10, 2014

John P. Marquand's B.F.'s Daughter (via TCM) -1948

B. F.'s DAUGHTER, screenplay by Luther Davis, from the novel by John P. Marquand; directed by Robert Z. Leonard; produced by Edwin H. Knopf for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures. At Loew's State. 
"Polly" Fulton . . . . . Barbara Stanwyck 
Thomas W. Brett . . . . . Van Heflin 
B. F. Fulton . . . . . Charles Coburn 
Robert S. Tasmin, III . . . . . Richard Hart 
Martin Delwyn Ainsley . . . . . Keenan Wynn 
"Apples" Sandler . . . . . Margaret Lindsay 
Gladys Fulton . . . . . Spring Byington 
The Sailor . . . . . Marshall Thompson 
Eugenia Taris . . . . . Barbara Laage 
Major Isaac Riley . . . . . Thomas E. Breen 
Jan . . . . . Fred Nurney

Burton F. 'B.F.' Fulton: [to Polly] It's just that I want you to know that lots of marriages... well, aren't the way they say in books... but still they're worth fighting for.

-- Charles Coburn (as Burton F. 'B.F.' Fulton) in B.F.'s Daughter

Burton F. 'B.F.' Fulton: Polly, times are changing. I haven't wanted them too. A lot of people think that everything should be different, and they're quite honest about, but I can't agree with them. I've been a builder, and the world needs builders - planners too, but builders, always builders...  they only see the money.  They don't see the love, the sacrifice, the trying...

-- Charles Coburn (as Burton F. 'B.F.' Fulton) in B.F.'s Daughter

Not intending to, I've seen this movie twice.  I have never read John P. Marquand's novel, but I was told, and I was not surprised, that the book was definitely better.

It's true that you cannot fit everything in a movie, but at the very least, let me borrow some lines from Scott Spencer, it shouldn't be mangled beyond recognition.  Thankfully, it was still recognizable, but unfortunately, the message John P. Marquand was trying to convey was not transmitted to the viewers of the film. At any rate, I must say that my favorite lines came from B.F. himself, as portrayed by Charles Coburn.

What I love about the film is not really the story.  I've watched and read so many stories with the same theme with different twists, so this was not really new to me(besides the fact that this was originally shown in 1948).  So what did I love? I loved the creations of Irene Lentz.  She was so ahead of her time and the gowns Barbara Stanwyck wore were really elegant.

Great gowns and clothes by the Irene Lentz


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