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Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge (Dead Men Tell No Tales)

Thrust into an all-new adventure, a down-on-his-luck Capt. Jack Sparrow feels the winds of ill-fortune blowing even more strongly when deadly ghost sailors led by his old nemesis, the evil Capt. Salazar, escape from the Devil's Triangle. Jack's only hope of survival lies in seeking out the legendary Trident of Poseidon, but to find it, he must forge an uneasy alliance with a brilliant and beautiful astronomer and a headstrong young man in the British navy. -WWW

Initial release: 24 May 2017
Directors: Joachim Rønning, Espen Sandberg
Budget: 230 million USD
Music composed by: Geoff Zanelli
Screenplay: Jeff Nathanson

Note: If you are the type who wonders if there's an after credits "thing". yes there is.

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The rip-roaring adventure finds down-on-his-luck Captain Jack (Johnny Depp) feeling the winds of ill-fortune blowing strongly his way when deadly ghost sailors, led by the terrifying Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem), escape from the Devil’s Triangle bent on killing every pirate at sea—notably Jack. Jack’s only hope of survival lies in the legendary Trident of Poseidon, but to find it he must forge an uneasy alliance with Carina Smyth (Kaya Scodelario), a brilliant and beautiful astronomer, and Henry (Brenton Thwaites), a headstrong young sailor in the Royal Navy. At the helm of the Dying Gull, his pitifully small and shabby ship, Captain Jack seeks not only to reverse his recent spate of ill fortune, but to save his very life from the most formidable and malicious foe he has ever faced.- Source: What's After the Credits?

Useless information:

My favourite PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN is still the ride at Disneyland, Anaheim, California, USA(which is incidentally had its soft opening on my birthday), but a close second is the very first movie, "The Curse of the Black Pearl."  My third favourite is the one with Penelope Cruz in it: On Stranger Tides.   This was pretty special to me because my brother RJ held my hand tightly, sort of forcing me to stay until the very end of the credits where I saw a  teaser for the "future".  Mom, who was already near the exit, had to go back in.  It was at Greenbelt 3, one year before he crossed over.   By the way, that scene has not happened yet.   I did not like so much "Dead Man's Chest" and "At World's End", but I enjoyed them both as well, especially with Chow Yun Fat(AWE).

What about SALAZAR'S REVENGE: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES?  DMTNT is the direct sequel of On Stranger Tides six years later.  If I would compare the two, of course, even with all the nonsense, I still like OST better, but I like this too.

Paul McCartney's cameo, in my opinion, is priceless.

Kaya Scodelario(Carina Smyth-the alleged witch---chosen by Brenton T himself) and Golshifteh Farahani(Haifaa Meni-the sorceress) are two important characters of this movie.  With the exception of a few, is it just my imagination or is Hollywood trying to empower women?  If so, that would be great.   Or is it the other way around?  

I can't wait to "get to know them more" during the sequel.  Would Penelope Cruz reprise her role as Angelica?  Well, I hope so.  There should be no loose ends.

There are still some funny and exciting scenes.  Geoffrey Rush's Captain Hector Barbosa is my favourite male character in this installment, but of course, you cannot discount the "funny" depiction of Captain Salazar by Javier Bardem.  Like Mr. Rush, Seňor Bardem is a chameleon.  He can play a very charismatic guy or a very hateful one.  The two are true thespians.

Brenton Thwaites, I think, is a Disney favourite, so I think, even before POTC's sequel, which would probably focus on the Turner family(Hurray!), is going to be shown, he would still have other projects.

The mateys or other pirates did well and so did the British Army and all the other bit players.

What about Mr. Depp?  He is truly versatile.  Need I say more?

Ah...this could have been better, but hey, as I said before, it is truly enjoyable, so KUDOS TO THE CAST AND CREW!

From Wikipedia(with spoilers):

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow: The eccentric but noble pirate captain of the Black Pearl on the hunt for the Trident of Poseidon, which bestows control over the seas. In the film, according to director Joachim Rønning, Jack's "lost his mojo, he can't even be on the water". Rønning stated that Sparrow's role in the film mirrors his role in the original: "it was important to go back to the same dynamic that the first film had where Jack is not the main character, I wanted a story about real people, real characters – and then Jack Sparrow comes in and crashes the party every now and then", and called Depp "a comedic genius, he has a comedic timing that I've never seen in anyone". The film goes into the backstory of Sparrow and used CGI to de-age Depp, which co-director Rønning believed was tricky in terms of "trying to give him a backstory and still honour the mythology of the franchise".
Anthony De La Torre portrays a younger Jack Sparrow(but Johnny Depp dubbed his voice...)
Javier Bardem as Captain Armando Salazar: A powerful and maniacal undead pirate hunter of the Spanish Navy who was trapped in the Devil's Triangle. After escaping, he seeks the Trident of Poseidon to wipe out all piracy and exact revenge on his old enemy, Captain Jack Sparrow.Bardem set out to imbue the character with "a rage based on dented pride", comparing the character to "a wounded bull", owing to his spectacular fall from grace, going from a high ranking commander of a Spanish fleet to being betrayed and trapped in hell by Sparrow, who Bardem says is the reason for Salazar "holding that revenge in his body for eternity". It took 3 hours a day to apply the make-up to Bardem's face, with Bardem referring to the process as having "cold chicken breasts" glued to his face.
Brenton Thwaites as Henry Turner: The son of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann-Turner, who tries to reconnect with his father. He struggles to break a curse that is preventing him from doing so. The directors were keen to draft a new protagonist relationship, different to the two relationships explored in On Stranger Tides, with Henry and Carina, stating that "in the middle of a big action scene, you need to be able to lean on the characters and find the heart of that story, and channel the characters' vulnerability". Rønning noted that identity is a major theme in the film and to Henry and Carina's story arc, "they are on a similar quest and find common ground in looking for who they are".
Lewis McGowan portrays a young Henry.
Kaya Scodelario as Carina Barbossa (née Smyth): A strong, altruistic astronomer. Scodelario explained the character's motivation and role saying, "she is an academic, she's fighting for the right to study at university because women couldn't at that time. So she's on her own journey – looking for the trident of Poseidon – and she has a diary with clues." She discussed the difference between Carina and Elizabeth Swann, believing that she was not just a carbon copy of that character. For the directors, it was important to "modernise it with Henry and Carina, Kaya, especially brought that with her. She's a modern woman." Scodelario worked with Nathanson to ensure the character was unique to the series and prevent her from being a "Mary Sue archetype", saying that "she's got her flaws...that's such an important thing to include when building a character, especially female characters, who often fall into two camps; they are either pretty and perfectly put together or completely insane. Carina has definitely got a little bit of both."
Geoffrey Rush as Captain Hector Barbossa: The one-legged pirate captain of the Queen Anne's Revenge, former captain of the Black Pearl, and Captain Jack's former rival-turned-ally. In the film, Barbossa has become extremely wealthy since the previous film, with Rush referring to him as a "corporate pirate", having amassed a fleet of ships under his command and encrusted his peg-leg with jewels.
Kevin McNally as Joshamee Gibbs: Captain Jack's loyal friend and First Mate.
Golshifteh Farahani as Shansa: a sea-witch and ally of Captain Barbossa.
David Wenham as Lieutenant Scarfield: the second antagonist of the film and a British Royal Navy officer, who commands the HMS Essex.
Stephen Graham as Scrum: a member of Jack Sparrow's crew and former member of Blackbeard's crew.
Orlando Bloom as Captain William "Will" Turner, Jr.: a blacksmith-turned-pirate who was transformed into the Captain of the Flying Dutchman at the end of At World's End. Speaking about his possible return to the franchise, Bloom stated that he would love to portray a character outside of his usual role types as a good-looking hero: "I'm of course Davy Jones now, so I'm down the bottom of the ocean. It might be kind of fun to do something where I'm rumbling round the bottom of the ocean, because I won't look anything like me. [Gestures to face] Get all gnarly."
Martin Klebba as Marty, A member of Jack Sparrow's crew.

Keira Knightley reprises her role in the film series as Elizabeth Swann, Will Turner's wife and Henry's mother, while Angus Barnett and Giles New return as Mullroy and Murtogg. Additionally, Adam Brown, Danny Kirrane, Delroy Atkinson, and Paul McCartney appear as a member of Jack's crew named Jib, Bollard, Maddox, and Jack's paternal uncle, Uncle Jack respectively.   Alexander Scheer plays a young Captain Edward Teague in a flashback sequence, while Keith Richards' likeness was also used. A silhouette of Davy Jones, one of the series' former villains, is seen in the post-credits scene. Pablo and Chiquita reprise their role as Jack the Monkey.

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