Gary V. Presents (Season Finale) Opening Night

Stage Direction: Paolo P. Valenciano
Musical Direction: Ramon Faustino
For the Benefit of the Shining Light Foundation's Diabetes and Scholarship Programs
and the celebration of Manila Genesis Entertainment' s 30th year

12th of May 2017
8:00PM onward

I'm just so happy that one of the show's media partners is

 This Fifth Run or the Season Finale of Gary V Presents showcases some of the best talents of the world.  Yes, you read it right...the world.

I may be a nobody to most of you readers, but as a world traveler from a very early age, I have been exposed to different types of musicians and performing artists.  I also watch TV and movies, so I believe I know what I am saying as an observer and not as a critic/critique.

After the concert me and my parents got to talk about it and my dad's observation is that Gary Valenciano is a very selfless person. Even if he believes he is no longer the "Total Performer", he is more than that.  He also believes that Gary's faith in God is genuine. He loves Him above all and he loves his family next.


Gary V. and the World Class Artists
The tribute for his beloved Angeli, for me, was the highlight of the concert, but you cannot discount all the performances by these underrated artists.

I will only write about things I remember, but I guarantee that EVERY performance is worth watching.  There's no dead air at all, so please catch them still next weekend(I was pretty busy the whole day so I was not able to write about this immediately), same time(8:00PM), same place(The Theatre at Solaire) from Friday, May 19 to Saturday, May 20.

Allan Silonga and the very talented guitarist

Allan Silonga and Gary V during the MJ Showdown
The show started with Allan Silonga also known as Daddy A of the group called Daddy's Home(X Factor contestants) with a very good guitarist(oh my goolai, I forgot his name).  He sang Stevie Wonder hits, songs from the 1980s et cetera, then after a few advertisements that only last for a couple of minutes, Gary V appeared talking about this and that (everyone was all ears because of the nice tone of his seemed like he treated his audience like his family and friends) then he presented the artists who were going to perform with him:

(in no particular order)

Gary and Kiana (What More Can I Say?)
Kiana Valenciano- Kiana, the baby who no longer is one, proves that she's more than her parents' daughter.  She and her dad gave a new meaning to the song WHAT MORE CAN I SAY?. Now, fathers and daughters can relate to it too and not just lovers who are falling out of love.  She sings divinely and moves gracefully.  She is also physically beautiful and she can own the stage.  I can't wait for her to have 
her own major concert.

Kiana's time to shine 

Katrina Velarde, who perfomed a very memorable scat number---Al Jarreau's Spain---with him, among others,  is an "alumna" of X Factor Philippines, just like Allan Silonga, and of Talentadong Pinoy.   She has been an amateurist since the age of seven.  
Lara Maigue on spotlight

Lara Maigue is an opera singer who composes her own music.  Even if she has classical training, she is versatile.  My tocaya comes from a family of musicians and her star deserves to shine brightly, because she is oozing with talent.

Michael "Mitoy" Yonting duet with Gary V (Natutulog ba ang Diyos?)
Mitoy Yonting is first The Voice of the Philippines grand champion.  Dad said he deserves the title and he should be known all over the globe and probably even the whole universe.  His duet with Gary V, Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos?, was very powerful.  We had goosebumps all over.  

Bullet Dumas has a different sound and he composes/arranges music transcending them(the ones that are not his own) to different levels/heights.  He gave a different sound to the popular song dedicated to the OFWs called Babalik Ka Rin, which he performed with Gary V.

Carla and Jimmy (Could You Be Messiah?)
Carla Guevara-LaForteza is no stranger to me.  I have seen her act in movies, perform on stage et cetera.  She is a world class talent and beautiful too.

Take Me Out of the Dark with RJ and Tim
Tim Pavino, RJ Dela Fuente and Jimmy Marquez are talents that I have probably "met" for the first time, but if not, it is the first time I noticed them. They are FANTAbulous!

Mon Faustino(who is also the Musical Director and head of his band) sang two songs masterfully(Reaching Out and Sana Maulit Muli).  

Janice Javier was one of my favorites during the 1st season of The Voice.  She has a very powerful voice, but she knows how to make her voice sweet and mellow too.  Her number with Gary V was "Hataw Na" and she danced gracefully and sang it melodically. 
Hataw Na with Janice Javier
Dancing with The Manoeuvres
The Manoeuvres (featuring Joshua and Jason Zamora)- one of the Zamoras trained my nephew(Showtime's Hashtag_Franco) and niece(Denise who is one of the best dancers in UST)--just saying...anyways, ever since we were younger and as far as I can remember, The Manoeuvres have been dancing with Gary V and you would the way they have fun with Mr Pure Energy himself(yes, yes...I know he requested Janice not to call him that anymore, but that's just the way he is)in this concert.

The Manouvres and Mr. Pure Energy

The Manoeuvres and Gary V

 note: I really regret not bringing my DSLR camera


Michael Jackson Showdown

Judging these artists "The Kuya Germs" way was close to impossible because they are so multifaceted

The two KVs (Kiana and Katrina) during Gary's tribute for Angeli

Gary V and the Artists who deserve be worldrenown

First Name's Could You Be Messiah? With Carla Guevara-Laforteza(and Jimmy Marquez)
When FIRST NAME was first held at the Rizal Theatre, my ninong was a minor sponsor.  I was even able to bring my friends along.  I also watched it at the Music Museum years later.  The song they sang last night still touches the soul up to this very day.  It is timeless.

Yes, these artists deserve to have their names in lights all over the universe

Katrina and Carla

Mitoy and Gary

Gary and Mitoy

The King of Pop lives on through these talented artists

Gary V goes near the audience while he sings the infamous...I mean, the famous theme song of ANG PROBINSYANO: Huwag Ka Nang Umiyak

Bullet Dumas and Gary V

There will still be a couple of shows this weekend(Friday, 19th of May and Saturday, 20th of May)

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