Dear Other Self (PG) 2017

From Jodi's Instagram.   
Btw, she's one of my favourite actors because she's so versatile.  She can play any role and she definitely proved that in this movie.

From Star Cinema

What we are today are products of things we did in the past.  The unavoidable circumstances, the unforced errors, the decisions we make, so forth and so on.  

Vanessa B. Velasco  and co-writer,  Jinky Laurel, present two situations and people have different reactions to it.  Some say it's like "Sliding Doors".  Others say it's like a mirror image or a parallel self.  Others say, since it's a "what if" film and the title says, "Dear Other Self", that one is real (the one with Xian in it) and the other one(the one with Joseph Marco in it) is not.  

I guess others don't want to believe the other is not real because both situations have their own sets of triumphs and victories.  

Xian and Joseph are both worthy leading men.  Different things may have happened to Rebecca and Becky, but...

These two young  men are oozing with talent and sex appeal so I guess like the other members of the audience, I don't want the other situation not to be real too.

The point is, I guess, no matter who you are now and what situation you are in, you should make the most out of that situation instead of sulking and telling yourself that you shouldn't be trapped in such situation.

In my humble opinion, one of the best parts of this movie is that both Rebecca and Becky love their respective families or should I say, Rebecca/Becky loves her family? Sigh.

In any case, the two sets of families(played by the same people) have their quirks, faults et cetera, but in the end, their love for each other conquers all.

I love the cast too.  Rebecca/Becky's family has the perfect cast.  The combination of Bodjie Pascua and Carla Martinez could indeed produce children like Jodi Sta. Maria and Paul Salas.

Everyone played their part well and I was happy to revisit Thailand through @rebeccabyahera and @akosibecky.

As one of the moviegoers was saying to his friend(didn't mean to eavesdrop...they were just walking beside us), "I love the way she(Vanessa B. Velasco) changed the approach of scriptwriting and directing." Vanessa B. Velasco is the director and scriptwriter of "I Do", "Tuhog" and "Oh My G!", among others.  Almost everything she does of late is a hit.  

So whether these are sliding doors situations or not, it is indeed very entertaining and worth watching.   If my opinion matters to you dear readers, do go to the nearest cinema and watch this now.

Thanks for reading!

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