#GodspellMNL A masterful retelling of a phenomenal Broadway hit! (Concept and Direction by Dr. Anton Juan, Jr., Ph.D)


My mouth is still agape until now.

I'm on fire to spread about #GODSPELLMNL My greatest regret is that I didn't have time to watch this sooner. My parents and I watched their penultimate show for 2017.

They still have one more show this afternoon at three. (SUNDAY, 21 MAY 2017 AT 3 O'CLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON) Please catch them. You will enjoy the show and you would also be touched, I promise.  ALL the performances are effortless.

Get your tickets NOW!

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GODSPELL_ One more shows to go!
May21 at the RCBC PLAZA 
Ticketworld 8919999 OR 8958098/09189085088
Concept and Direction by Dr. Anton Juan


Last year I did not have the chance to watch this masterful retelling of a famous musical I loved since the 1970s. I was in the States back then and I kept on singing Day by Day like it was composed for me. I was a little girl and some of my memories are pretty hazy, but I remember Day by Day well.

(not sure if this is Day by Day, but this is Ms. Gab Pangilinan on spotlight)

Gab Pangilinan's version of Day by Day is very moving. Dr. Juan's reimagining of Godspell is compelling. He is right. It is more socially relevant and very apt to the times.

I am very much in awe of Ms. Lauchengco-Yulo's persona. I was so much tickled pink to shake her hand that I forgot to ask for her autograph(Dad was in hurry---he enjoyed the show 100%, but his spirit was willing, but his flesh...his body was weak...he has been a senior citizen for a long time now). I really wouldn't know her innermost thoughts and all that, thank God, but the way she carries herself and her demeanour make me think that she is a wonderful person. I don't expect artists to remember people they met before, because they meet a lot of people. When I was younger I used to get hurt, but when it was my turn to forget, and I'm not even a famous person, I understood. 

Her youthfulness is such a joy to watch and her wide vocal range is so pleasing to listen to. #BYMYSIDE


Dad's favourite Godspell performer is Abi Sulit. It was not my first "encounter" with Ms. Sulit, but it was dad's. He was simply amazed by her voice and acting. She is also very graceful. #BLESSTHELORD

My favourites are: Ms. Yulo, of course, Gab Pangilinan, Myke Salomon and Jef Flores. Still, I should reiterate that all performances are awe-inspiring. 
Lorenz Martinez is the one waving.  Beside him is Topper Fabregas.  In front of Topper is Ms. Caisa Borromeo. Also behind Caisa is Rhenz Gabalonzo.  In front of Rhenz is Maronne Cruz. Beside Maronne is a friend of the cast. Holding the friend is Ms. Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo.  Beside Menchu is Poppert Bernadas.  On Lorenz's right side and the far left is a Myke Salomon(who has a clearer face on the top photo beside beautiful Gab Pangilinan).

Mom loves Lorenz Martinez best, probably because he loves his mother, Ms. Enchang Kaimo(whom I especially adored in FIRST NAME), and acknowledged her. I think mom started admiring Mr. Martinez since she watched him in Heneral Luna. I loved him and his wife, Ms. Shiela Valderrama, in Rak of Aegis, among others. #WEBESEECHTHEE

Now what about Jef Flores? We think he played/plays Jesus like a true modern day Messiah. He is very charismatic and such a natural. (...and wow, he plays the violin too!)


Another natural that made my jaw drop was Ms. Maronne Cruz. She's funny, graceful and her voice resonates to the highest heavens. She also plays the ukulele quite well. #LEARNYOURLESSONSWELL


Myke Salomon is a chameleon. He could look and act like he is refreshingly kind, but he could be fierce and cunning too. His voice is beautiful and very, very soulful. #PREPAREYE, #ALLFORTHEBEST #DJMYKE #Akafellas #MagsimulaKa #Judas #JohnTheBaptist


Topper Fabregas is another one of those who knows how to wow the crowd, after all, besides being a singer, an innovator and an actor, he is also an award-winning director. #ALLGOODGIFTS

#PoppertBernadas #RhenwynGabalonzo #MaronneCruz #GabPangilinan

Rhenwyn Gabalonzo(#ONTHEWILLOWS) and Poppert Bernadas(#LIGHTOFTHEWORLD), two unique names, at least for my eyes and ears. It's not my first time to "meet" Poppert, and somebody else in Scotland or Ireland or anywhere in the world might be named Rhenwyn, but... Anyways, these two are mighty talented and versatile. 

We bought these tickets from Baby of #musicArtes

Equivalent to a curtain call

Caisa Borromeo's rendition of TURN BACK, O MAN is one of the best ever. I'm almost speechless. ;-)


It's refreshing to note that the ushers and greeters are all involved in Theatre, one way or another. They were very welcoming. True, their lines were rehearsed, but they made it like it was personalised.

Just some simple reminders for people who are going to catch the matinee:

No flash photography.

No taking of videos.

No eating inside the auditorium

The Cast with a friend
From left to right: Gab Pangilinan, Myke Salomon, Lorenz Martinez, Caisa Borromeo/Topper Fabregas, Maronne Cruz/Rhenz Gabalonzo, a friend/Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo and Poppert Bernadas

Ms. Jay Glorioso thanking everyone who came and those who helped them



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