Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Love Affair (2015) R-13

The long-awaited film has finally arrived and what made me interested in this film is the fact that even if Adrianne is the other woman, she was not the cause of the rocky marriage between Vincent and Trish.

Addie is a very intelligent, but scarred woman.  She underwent a lot of pain and trouble that she never imagined herself being in a situation she hated so much.  Everything she wanted to tell her dad's mistress and her fiancĂ©'s lover were uttered to her by her lover's wife, but what touched her soul was when the eldest and only girl talked to her, and she saw herself in her shoes.   

Yes, you may say that this is an immoral movie, but this is also very touching indeed.  I cried, I laughed, I felt joy and peace, most especially towards the end of the film.

Why did I cry?  There were a lot of moving scenes, most especially in the hospital.  I remembered my brothers and a whole lot more. Last night, when Boy Abunda was interviewing Bea, she said something that made me guess the ending and I was right, but how she got there was something I needed to find out for myself and I'm glad I did.  

My dad said the movie was too long, but mom said it was only long because of the sailing scenes shot in Taal, probably to promote "it". Those scenes were beautiful and breathtaking, so I didn't really mind. Bea even called the scenes buwis buhay as she even fell off a boat.  

This movie is about forgiveness, decisions, doing the right thing and so much more.  I think a lot, if not all, will be able to relate to this film.

It already earned millions of Pesos, but I'm sure it'll learn a lot more.  I hope it earns a lot of awards too.

Kudos to the cast and crew.

The Love Affair (2015) Star Cinema page

Directed by 

Nuel C. Naval

Writing Credits  

 Working title: CROSSROADS

Vanessa R. Valdez ...(story) (screenplay)
EVERYBODY did great.  Congratulations!

some of the CAST:
Richard Gomez as Dr. Vincent Ramos
Dawn Zulueta as Trish Ramos
Tonton Gutierrez as Greg (Vince's best friend/Trish's sorta kinda lover)
Bea Alonzo as Addie
Al Tantay as Addie's dad
Victor Silayan as Noah
Ana Capri as Carla, Addie's young stepmom 
Ina Feleo as Addie's best friend, Joyce
Tom Rodriguez as Ryan, Addie's fiance
Techie Agbayani as Ryan's mom
Khalil Ramos as Ryan's brother
Ramos Kids
Miguel Pedrosa
Jane Oineza
Grae Fernandez
Important Cameos:
Miguel Faustman and Evangeline Pascual (Trish's parents)
Lloyd Samartino (doctor)
Ariel Ureta (doctor, head of surgery)
Eda Nolan (Addie's friend)
Alex Medina (Addie's friend)
Bea Alonzo jokes about love scene with Richard Gomez: "Nag-take advantage ako sa kanya!"

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