Saturday, August 29, 2015


Directed by Frank Coraci
Written by Clare Sera and Ivan Menchell

 Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore know that they have good onscreen chemistry so a third movie together was definitely not a bad idea.  This was proven last year when the film was released.  They earned more than 300% than their budget.  A lot of people loved the humor plus some other stuff.  

Is the story original?  Of course not.  There's THE BRADY BUNCH; YOURS, MINE, OURS plus a whole lot more.  Still, there was something that made me watch this.   

This movie is a combination of a comedy of disasters, family life and eventually finding true love.

Lauren and Jim did not like each other at first sight and it took a lot of time together before they discovered that they are probably right for each other, but even so, there were a lot of doubts each of them had to conquer.

Each child has a back story and each of their stories is vital.

I still like 50 First Dates and The Wedding Singer much, much better, but it surely isn't a waste of time watching this movie, in my opinion.  It probably is not the best story ever written(most of the critics hated it), but it is indeed very entertaining.  Something to take the blues away.
Bella Thorne and Adam Sandler in a very awkward scene
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